Tuesday, August 2, 2011


this moment 123

Been thinking a lot about life lately. All the moments that make up our lives.....the little and the big. Do you realize how short our lives really are? Time is just flying by and sometimes I feel like I'm missing so much!  Where has the years gone! They just keep flying by and I want to stomp my feet and yell to the world to slow down! Quit going so fast! I can't have a son who is 20. I can't be a Grandma! Ezekiel can't be 12! And Elijah can't be 9. They were just babies yesterday! Really, they were!

I want some of the time I wasted back. I want my babies back, to cherish the time I didn't back then. Can I have a do-over?

I've been making a conscience effort to cherish the here and now. To laugh more, to love more, to not waste any more years, moments, seconds....because all too soon, it will be gone....

All too soon....

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New York Chica said...

You're so right. At times I get caught up with blogging and social networking that I forget about what matters most. Family is the best thing anyone can have. Now let me have some time with them. XO