Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mami Dearest Needs A Makeover!

A blog makeover that is! I've entered my first Blogging contest and I hope I win! Lindsay over at Splat Designs is giving away a free template. I love her work. I've visited many of the blogs she's made over and she does an awesome job. Here's hoping Mami gets a makeover!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Just one day please....

I swear sometimes I feel like I am losing my forever lovin' mind! Everyday, 365 days a year, I have boys fighting, yelling, crying, for no good reason at all. Can I just have one day where they all just get along and no one starts crying like somebody is killing them, can I have just one day of that....just one! Is that too much to ask?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogging - Fire Hazard!

Yep, my addiction to reading blogs almost set my kitchen on fire. Yeah, I smelled something burning, but thought it was just a little grease on the burner...no big deal.....I can continue to read. Until the smell got really strong.....so I reluctantly got up from my laptop to check on dinner when I noticed a FIRE under my pot! Uh, wasn't there some rule about grease fires? Do you throw water on it or flour? It is flour, right? Whatever the rule, I decided on the water, because the fire was getting bigger, and it was the quickest thing I could grab. So one pot of water later, the fire is out and I am back to reading blogs.

***I seem to have a thing about burning down the house while cooking...see here. Maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't cook anymore. Hmmmm, sounds good to me!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Did you know that God is always on time with His blessing. We may not think so, because we want what we want, when we want it! Well, today we are shouting out His praises. Karen(my sister) had one more week of unemployment left. She was laid off from her job in November and with the death of her husband(that's another post) and Daddy, she has not had a lot of time to look too hard. Well, she was down to the wire with one week left of unemployment and was offered a great job today, with the benefits she needed! Isn't God awesome! Just one of the many ways God shows us His Love everyday!

Not in our time, but God's time!

Amen, Hallelujah!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Callin' my peeps

I need to call my peeps..I haven't heard from them in a while

Dang, I have a lot of numbers in here! I didn't realize I had so many friends. Who are these people?
Hey....what's up! Nah....I'm not doing nothin', just chillin' at home in my PJ's. Yeah, mom says I have to go to bed in a little bit. What mom...can't a kid get a little privacy when he is on the phone

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lost Keys, Breaking&Entering, and Chicken Wings

You're probably wondering what the heck do all these things have in common, well at least the chicken wing part, so let me tell you...

It all started with lost keys. Last night we were at Karen's house for dinner and to play cards. When we got home, Fonzy couldn't find his keys. Fonzy figured he dropped them while he was wrestling with TJ, so we called Karen to see if she could find the keys, no luck. Fast forward to today.....

I get home from work and decide to make chicken wings...well, decide Manuel was going to fry up some wings. What's the point of having a 16yr old who likes to cook and not let him cook. So Manuel starts frying the wings when he realizes his baseball game is at 6, instead of 8. When he realized this, it was 5 minutes to six! He throws on his uniform and I take the wings off the stove and go drop him off. Luckily the part is right around the corner, about 5-10 minutes. When I get home I continue to fry up the wings. While fying up the wings Fonzy decides to take Ezekiel and Elijah down to the pool while the food is cooking. Just as he was leaving Manuel called me to pick him up. Now here is where it get's interesting. Fonzy had taken my truck key from me since his keys were lost. He put the key on a key chain which he thought had Manuel's house key on it. I had just put my last batch of wings in the grease when Manuel called, so I figured, I could ran and get Manuel while the chicken cooked. I would only be gone 5 mins. As I was leaving out the house I grabbed Fonzy's truck key, asked him if this was the key to the house and he said yeah. So we all head out, the boys and Fonzy to the pool and me to get Manuel. When I get home, and turn the key in the lock...oh wait, the key does not turn, because it is NOT the house key! We are locked out of the house and there is chicken cooking on the stove! On high mind you! Here is where the breaking and entering comes in. Manuel claims he can get the door open with a credit card. All I'm thinking about is the chicken is cooking on high and I am about to burn our apartment down along with everyone elses. So while Manuel is trying to break in, I drive down to the pool cuz Fonzy has the cell phone to call the apartment complex. I call and tell them I am locked out and I have grease frying on the stove. I need maintenance here NOW! I speed off back to my apartment and pray I don't see smoke or hear my fire alarm going off. When I get there Manuel is still trying to break in. I panic for a while, waiting for maintenance when Manuel all of a sudden opens the door with a big smile on his face. "See mom, I told you I could break in!" Uh...is that a good thing or a bad thing? I run in and thought for sure my chicken was burnt and a fire was going to start any minute, but guess what...my chicken was done...nice, crispy and golden brown!

Morale of this story...never leave your chicken cooking on the stove, even if you THINK you are only going to be gone 5 minutes!

***edited to add***

the next day, guess where we found Fonzy's keys? In the glove box of the car sitting right in the garage! Are we rock smokers or what!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

I know...I'm a bad mom, so shoot me! I'm way late posting Ezekiel's birthday pictures, but hey, better late than never, right? So without further ado....Ezekiel's b-day...

When Ezekiel got out of the shower for his night on the town, he went to Fonzy and said,
"Daddy, I put deodorant on when I got out of the shower."

Daddy: "Why, you think since you're eight, you need deodorant?"

Ezekiel: "Yeah, cuz I"m a grown man now!"
Here's our "grown deodorant wearing man" waiting on our table at Red Robin's. Let me just say this was not Ezekiel's first choice for dinner. Hooters was! But Mommy was not having that. Of course I was outnumbered since I am the only female, but Mommy out weights everyone! We will not have Hooters at 8yrs old, grown deodorant wearing man or not! Sorry....

Now if you'd like, Mommy can get the Hooters shorts and t-shirts and make you the bomb wings at home, cuz you know momma wings are way better than Hooters could every be!

Below is the rest of our night. We had a nice dinner at Red Robins, (with no hoochie mommas in little shorts and tight shirts) then went to Frankie's Fun Park to ride go-carts, play putt-putt golf and video games. I got to ride the go-carts. for the first time, along with being Ezekiel and Elijah's first time. The boys loved it, but I drive enough, so not too much fun for me. I would much rather be chauffeured. Of course with boys/men everything has to be a competition, so the go-carts was a race to see who would win and putt-putt was a competition between Manuel and Fonzy. Fonzy was Tiger Woods and Manuel was Chi Chi Rodriguez. Yes, there is a professional golfer named Chi Chi, but he is kinda old now. Anyways, we got home well after midnight and fun was had by all!

Happy Birthday Ezekiel! We love you!

Mom...let's go fishing

Getting the poles ready with some nasty, bloody chicken livers for bait....YUCK!

watch your bobber...see the fish are nibbling
patiently waiting....

We got one!

"See Mom, I told you I would catch one! I'm the best fisherman there is. I'm going to have my own fishing show one day."

Uh....did you know catfish cry? Well, they do, I heard this one crying while getting the hook taken out. How sad.....

Fish anyone?