Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

Happy 9th Birthday!

Our Beautiful, Beautiful Zion!

Unsure of what the balance held
I touched my belly overwhelmed
By what I had been chosen to perform
But then an angel came one day
Told me to kneel down and pray
For unto me a man child would be born
Woe this crazy circumstance
I knew his life deserved a chance
But everybody told me to be smart
Look at your career they said,
"Lauryn, baby use your head"
But instead I chose to use my heart

Now the joy of my world is in Zion
Now the joy of my world is in Zion

How beautiful if nothing more
Than to wait at Zion's door
I've never been in love like this before
Now let me pray to keep you from
The perils that will surely come
See life for you my prince has just begun
And I thank you for choosing me
To come through unto life to be
A beautiful reflection of His grace
For I know that a gift so great
Is only one God could create
And I'm reminded every time I see your face.
That the joy of my world is in Zion

Now the joy of my world is in Zion
Now the joy of my world is in Zion
Now the joy of my world is in Zion

Marching, marching, marching to Zion
Marching, marching
Marching, marching, marching to Zion

Beautiful, Beautiful Zion.
~Lauryn Hill

***the song that Fonzy got Ezekiels middle name from***

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mina, call your toothfairy

Mina, can your toothfairy spot our toothfairy a dollar for your baby's tooth?

I see dead people

I believe in ghosts. I've never had an encounter with a ghost, never lived in a house that was haunted, but have heard plenty of ghost stories. Fonzy said he grew up in a house with a ghost. My aunt lives with a ghost, she even talks to him every now and then. When Ezekiel was a little, he use to see a ghost named Samuel. One night, while were sitting at the table eating dinner Ezekiel, who was about 2yr-3yr pointed into the livingroom, which was kind of dark and said "scary....Samuel.....shhhhh....he's scary" Fonzy and I never saw anyone, even asked neighbors about the history of the house, but no one mentioned anyone named Samuel. A drug dealer, but no ghosts. We thought maybe he was talking about his older brother, Samuel, but Samuel wasn't living with us at the time. In our apartment here, Elijah would go in a corner in our room and be holding a conversation with himself. He was about 2 or 3 also. If we couldn't find him, we could go to my room, and there he was talking to someone. Again, we never saw anyone, but he was always in there. Elodia says kids can see the spirit world, because they are innocent, and maybe they do. Who knows.
Anyway, today I was home alone, waiting for Fonzy and the boys to get home. I had hamburger meat cooking for tacos. While the meat was cooking, I was sitting on the couch reading. The house was silent, except for the sizzle of the meat and the hum of the AC. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement on the TV. I look up and I thought I saw a figure in the kitchen. I grabbed my camera, and snapped a picture, but of course I didn't see anything in the picture. Not really sure what I would of done, had I seen a figure in the picture. Actually, I know what I would of done, I would of been O - U - T.......OUT!
I'm scary like that, and not ashamed to admit it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Early Birthday Cake

Ezekiel shares his birthday with his Grandma. When I was pregnant with him, his Grandma said he was going to be born on her birthday. I think he was due like July 8, her birthday is June 30. A few days before her birthday, I had a Dr apt and my doctor told me he was going on vacation for the 4th of July holiday, and wanted to schedule me to be induced. I was all for it. He said he was going to schedule it for a day that was not Elodia's b-day. When he came back, he said the day he chose was too busy, so he had to schedule it for June 30. Yep, her birthday, somehow she knew he would be born on her b-day.

Elodia was here bringing Zay, so we decided to have their birthday cake early, since they would not be together on the actual day.


Didn't you just love when you were a kid, and your cousins came for the summer. Some of my best memories of childhood have Scooter and Boop in them. We want the boys to have great memories of times spent with cousins slso, so we have their cousin Zay, with us, all the way from Texas. Not sure how long he will be here, a few weeks or all summer, however long he wants to stay. I just hope they all have great memories of this summer.






Ezekiel and Zay

chillin' after a long day at the pool

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summertime, is pool time

Since summer hit, we've been chillin' at the pool, our favorite summer activity.

Ezekiel and Elijah acting like Jack in the movie Titanic, when Rose let him go and he sank into the ocean. Yeah, we have issues.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rainy Afternoon

There's nothing better than a stormy, rainy day to get you thinking. The past few weeks I've been thinking about what I want to go to school for. I had it narrowed down to a social service degree or business. After much thought, I've decided to get my degree in Human/Social Services to be a counselor, or social worker. I know there's not alot of money in this field, but it's helping people, making a difference in people's lives. It's what I originally started going to school for, but sort of lost my way. I've thought about working with teen mothers, being I was one, or working with domestic abuse victims. I've wasted too much time as it is. 40 is right around the corner and I feel I should already be doing what my life's work is and being an administrative assistant is not it. I'm ready to start school. I didn't give it my all the last time I was enrolled, but I'm not quitting this time until I have my Bachelors degree, and doing something I love, not just getting a paycheck. Fonzy has inspired me to get MY paper, and I will...just you wait and see.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mudcats Baseball Game

Fonzy, aka Coach Veale, planned an outing for his Mets team, to see a professional baseball game. We went to see the Carolina Mudcats, a AA team, whatever that means. We had a good time, and so did the team.

Fonzy and boys before the game.

Me...the "reluctant" team mom. I have a Mets shirt, and could of matched with the team, but my Met's shirt wasn't as cute as this one.

Muddy, the catfish

The team got to go on the field for the national anthem with the Mudcats.

Elijah - looking crazy at one of the other players.

Ezekiel - all smiles.

singing of the national anthem



The Mets

One of the best parts of a baseball game - junk food! That's why I can't lose this extra 20lbs!

We had a rain delay during the game.

rolling out the tarp to protect the field

Fonzy and the boys walking under the stadium while it rained

autographs from Muddy the catfish

back to the game after the rain

Coach V and Team mom