Friday, December 7, 2012

FO and Creative Friday - Monsters and Hats

insta_life 918
Happy Friday!

It's been a while since I've participated in FO and Creative Friday, but I've knitted lots! I've been on a hat knitting frenzy. Holiday hats, preemie hats, just regular ole' hats. Hats, Hats, Hats!

Along with all the hats, I'm working on a few monsters and babydoll for Christmas. Once all my Christmas knitting is done, I have a few doll patterns I'm going to try out and can't wait! And a few more hats of course - can never have too many hats!

insta_life 832christmas hatshats
Want to see more yarny goodness and finished objects - click the icons below.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

rainbow throw
It's been a while since I've participated in WIPW or Yarn Along. I've been a knitting my little heart out, but haven't been sharing here on the blog. Instagram has taken over! But I've promised myself I'm going to get back to blogging. I even did 2 posts yesterday. And now today's post. See - progress already!

I'm right in the middle of Christmas knitting, but that didn't stop me from starting a new project. A patchwork garter throw in rainbow colors - my Rainbow Throw! This will be a year long project - a square a day. Normally people start a one a day project with the new year, but whenever I do that, I never finish. I think it's the New Year sabotage, so I decided to start early and just maybe I will stick to it. It's just a square a day, right? I can do that! I have 2 squares done already! I'm on a roll!!!
over the rainbow
I probably won't be making 365 squares, but not sure how many I'm making. I want my blanket big enough to wrap up in, so however many squares it takes to get to that size.

I even have pretty rainbow needles to keep me motivated.



For more WIPW and yarny goodness click on the icons below.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Raleigh Winterfest 2012

The past few years, Raleigh has set up an outdoor ice skating rink in the heart of downtown. Sort of like Rockefeller skating rink in NYC. Well, not as grand as Rockefeller. Not that I've ever been to Rockefeller, though I hope to one day. Anyways...I'm getting off track. Let's start again.

Raleigh has an ice skating rink and I want to go! This past weekend they had the Kick off event to open up the rink and the holiday season. It was a beautiful night for the Winterfest - in the 50s. There were twinkle lights in all the trees, Christmas music playing and everyone full of holiday cheer!
As you can see - my holiday hats are getting plenty of use. Elijah said we need 2 more holiday hats. A grinch hat and a gingerbread one. Uh yeah....those will have to wait for next year!
I'm making plans during our holiday break to check out the rink and make believe I'm in the middle of NYC at Rockefeller. None of us know how to ice skate, so this should be fun!
The big event of the night - Polar Express on a 40ft screen right in the heart of downtown. The boys and I cuddled up in blankets and enjoyed the movie. Polar Express is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Do you still hear the ringing of the bell?

Holiday Parade 2012

I LOVE the holiday season!

I started listening to Christmas music November 1, and was ready to put up our tree before Thanksgiving. Our city had it's annual Holiday parade November 17 and we were ready with our hats! And we definitely needed them. It was freezing, unlike the 70 degree weather we are having today! So much for my wish of a white Christmas!











Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow - bad blogger

christmas hats Wow - it's been almost 2 months since my last post! My blogging has seen better days! I've been itching to get back to blogging, and didn't know where to start! So just going to jump right in and start with my knitting! I have definitely been living a Knitting Life - one of my favorite tags on Instagram. Knitting is never far from me.

I've recently been on a hat knitting frenzy! Our city's Holiday parade was coming up and I wanted to knit holiday themed hats for the parade for me and the boys to wear. Ezekiel, my 13yr old refused to wear a holiday hat, so I knitted the orange and grey below for him. I wore the Rudolph hat, Elijah, my 10yr old wore the elf hat and my sister wore the snowman one. Another post coming on the actual parade.
The other 2 hats were given as gifts. I have several other hats I want to make, but taking a short break from hats to work on Christmas gifts, but I may sneak a hat in between the Christmas knitting. I love a quick project - so satisfying!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I LOVE Fridays!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Fridays. There's just something about knowing the next 2 days are free from work and can be spent doing what you love, with who you love. Since Friday's are my favorite day of the week, I decided to name it Fabulous Friday and share some fabulous things in my life right now, or from the past week. So here we go!

~ My jack o' lantern toes - I smile everytime I look down at them.

~ Caramel and candy apples - think I need to make some more!

~ Chicken pot pie - it was yummylicious!

Got anything fabulous to share? Would love to hear about it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home - Our Happy Place

Wow! October is flying by!

I had good intentions of posting all this month, but you know how that goes. Life happens and blog posting does not.
With Fall, shorter days and cooler weather, we've been spending a lot more time in the house, so I decided to do a little decorating.

Pinterest is the place to go for decorating ideas. Beware though - you can't just spend a few minutes on Pinterest. It sucks you right in!

I got the ghost idea from Pinterest. I LOVE a good ghost story. I don't care for slasher movies, Jason, Freddie, but give me a good old ghost story and I'm all for it. There's nothing better than cuddling on the couch with Fonzy and watching a good ole' scary movie!
pumpkin familyWe decorated the pumpkins at our subdivision Fall Festival. The boys and I made the faces and we told Fonzy he needed to decorate one to complete the family. Guess which pumpkin is his!

 Another thing I have all over are twinkle lights! There are pumpkin lights on the fireplace. Purple and orange ones on the bookshelf in our entry way, and purple ones on our bed headboard. I have a slight obsession with twinkle lights.

Home is our happy place. And I want to surround us with happiness. Twinkle lights, cute ghosts and jack o' lantern mums make me happy right now.

I smile everytime I pull up in the driveway and see the jack o' lanterns smiling at me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My place of comfort - our home/bed

We are home bodies. One rainy day last week as I left for work, I was thinking how happy I was there were no games, or practices and I could go home, put my pj's on and just enjoy being home. I picked up Elijah from school and he asked if we had anything going on and once I told him no, he said great! "I can go home and put my pj's on!" A boy after my own heart! In this hustle and bustle world we live in, we are more than content to just stay home.

Fonzy's birthday is today. I baked some pumpkin bars for him. He took a bite and asked if I would be mad if he told me they were nasty. I tasted them and they were nasty! So much for his "birthday cake" I wanted to take a picture of him for his birthday, but Fonzy hates taking pictures, so all I have to remember his 36th birthday is a picture of the nasty pumpkin bars!

Love you Fonzy and pray every night we have many, many, many more years to share!