Thursday, November 14, 2019


The other night sitting at Frankie’s Fun Park waiting for Fonzy, the boys and Sydney playing laser tag, my mind wanders to Samuel. Years ago he worked here, walking these very floors among the flashing lights and sounds of the video games. As I sit, I see the ghost of my lanky Samuel, khaki clad with a blue shirt on, smiling. Eerie music of an attraction plays behind me, tears fill my eyes, it all feels surreal. He was once here and in this moment I feel his presence.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Sitting at my desk in the office, occasionally glancing out the windows the rain fell steadily as the temperatures dropped. Christmas music played softly in my earbuds and I longed for pjs and home.

As my work day came to end I hurriedly packed up and headed out. I picked up Elijah from school, stopped at the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner and home we went. There is nothing better on a cold, rainy day then coming home. Home to bright red leaves blanketing the lawn, an excited dog greeting you at the door and the promise of an evening cuddled by the fire.

Monday, October 14, 2019


I know they say you shouldn't live for the weekends, but I often find myself doing just that. I wish the week away just to get to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just typing that out makes me cringe! I need to check myself and quit wishing my weeks away. There's nothing I can't do during the week that I do on the weekend, well except sleeping in. Anything else, I can do during the week when I get off work. So no more! I'm going to make a conscience effort to not wish my weeks away. On that note, this past weekend was a good one. Not that we did anything spectacular. Fonzy and I stayed in pjs all day Saturday, but I didn't mind because I had these cute spooky pjs to lounge around in. I worked on my Flax sweater throughout the day, watched college football with Fonzy, napped and cooked. That was our Saturday.

Sunday was rainy and a perfect Fall day. Peep the leaves starting to change! I knit some more on my Flax sweater, along with cleaning, laundry and basically getting ready for the week. Oh, I also cut the fabric for my Emery dress. Yes, I'm still chugging along on that. I figured if I do a little everyday I might have a dress by this weekend. Fingers crossed! Fonzy did yard work most of the day and that was that! Another weekend gone!

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Yesterday was one of those days where everyone at the office seemed to be in a mood! The day dragged on and on and I couldn't wait to leave the stress and foul moods! When it was time for me to go, I ran up out of there!

When I got home, I started dinner then headed out to the porch to enjoy the beautiful Fall day, knitting and a glass of wine in hand. It was in the 60's and Titus and I enjoyed the setting sun and cool weather. We watched neighbors come home from their day of work, check mail and let their dogs out. Titus whined when he saw the neighbors dogs across the street because he wanted to go play! Birds flew in formation in the blue sky, cackling as they went along. I took a deep breathe in, out, and purged the negativity from the office. Knit a few rows, took a few sips and welcomed home Fonzy and Elijah as they pulled into the drive to end their day. I gathered up my stuff and we all headed into the warm house to the smells of dinner.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Silver Journey - 8 Months

Every Grey Hair Tells a Story

Today marks 8 months and 2 days since my last dye. This has been such amazing journey. A journey of self-discovery and love. Most of my life I’ve struggled with low self-esteem. As a teen and into late 20’s I suffered with severe acne. So much so that I would hide at home and hate going out. I always felt I wasn’t enough. Wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t the right size, didn’t fit societies beauty standards. Into my 40’s I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin. To slowly start loving myself flaws and all. A few days after turning 48, I decided to stop dyeing my hair. Standing in the mirror, getting ready to dye, I decided to embrace this beautiful grey/white hair God gave me. Eff society’s beauty standards! I am enough and beautiful just as I am!

8 months and counting!

Monday, September 9, 2019


Weekends just fly by, don't they! On Friday I have these aspirations of all I'm going to do on the weekend and next thing I know it's Monday and I didn't get half or none at all of the things I had planned!

This past weekend I mostly hung out on the couch and knit my Sunday Cardigan while watching football and Netflix with Fonzy. Pumpkin bread was made and we went out to dinner Sunday night. I had planned on getting some sewing patterns at least traced, but that didn't happen! It's back on my list for this weekend. I have a couple cute dresses and skirts I want to sew for Fall. Fall officially begins September 23, so I have exactly 2 weeks to get on the ball! Someone mentioned on Instagram or a blog that they sew for 30 minutes each day. I need to try that. At least I'd get a little something done each day compared to trying to do marathon sewing on the weekend. No better time to start then today!

Have a great week peeps!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Yellow Boneyard Shawl

I love looking back on a project after it's all done. So many little snippets of life within those pictures. Back porch hangs with Titus, road trips, lunch knitting by the lake, and knitting beside my Dad's pool for our little summer vacay are a few of my memories. I was so glad to finally finish this shawl! This yellow yarn has been through some things! It was originally knit as a sweater. I knit the whole sweater and when it came time to seam it (I hate seaming) I decided I didn't like the sweater anymore, so I ripped it all out! We are Knitters and Wool and the Gang have some cute sweater designs but I hate that most of them are knit flat and need to be seamed. I do have the Cable Bomber from Wool and the Gang to knit so will suffer through seaming at least one more time.

My yellow shawl was suppose to be part of whole me made outfit. I planned on sewing the Emery Dress in the lemon fabric above to go with my shawl, but that has yet to happen! I've been procrastinating on making the dress. I've never sewn a zipper or lined anything and both those skills are needed in the dress. I know I'll never learn if I don't do it, I just need to get past my intimidation and do it! But now that Fall is almost here, I don't want to make the lemon dress. It screams Summer to me and I'm not in a summer vibe anymore. Give me all the cozy knits, boots, and Fall clothes! I do have some fun Fall/Halloween fabric to make another Emery dress though. I really need to push past my fear and just try it already! How hard can it be? I'll keep you posted on that!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Seasonal Rhythms

The Sunday Cardigan - my new project

Looking back through the memories of my Instagram account I've noticed I'm a creature of habit. I've had memories from years past pop up of baking something and realize I baked the same thing on the exact date. The same with my knitting. The past 3 years at this time of year I'm knitting with burnt orange yarn. Seasonal Rhythms. I feel it strongly this time of year and my soul seems to crave burnt orange yarn. Last year at this time I was knitting this Silver Monk Sweater. I finished all the knitting, but never seamed it up. I hate seaming! I couldn't start a new Fall sweater without finishing this one, so for two nights I seamed and my Silver Monk sweater is done!

I've realized with this project I'm not a fan of cotton yarn and won't use it again. And while I love the design of the sweater with the V in the back, it's too low, so the sweater will probably get worn around the house. My new project, with burnt orange of course, is the Sunday Cardigan knit with wool. I'm so excited for this sweater and know it will be worn!

Here's to Fall and my seasonal rhythms!