Monday, September 9, 2019


Weekends just fly by, don't they! On Friday I have these aspirations of all I'm going to do on the weekend and next thing I know it's Monday and I didn't get half or none at all of the things I had planned!

This past weekend I mostly hung out on the couch and knit my Sunday Cardigan while watching football and Netflix with Fonzy. Pumpkin bread was made and we went out to dinner Sunday night. I had planned on getting some sewing patterns at least traced, but that didn't happen! It's back on my list for this weekend. I have a couple cute dresses and skirts I want to sew for Fall. Fall officially begins September 23, so I have exactly 2 weeks to get on the ball! Someone mentioned on Instagram or a blog that they sew for 30 minutes each day. I need to try that. At least I'd get a little something done each day compared to trying to do marathon sewing on the weekend. No better time to start then today!

Have a great week peeps!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Yellow Boneyard Shawl

I love looking back on a project after it's all done. So many little snippets of life within those pictures. Back porch hangs with Titus, road trips, lunch knitting by the lake, and knitting beside my Dad's pool for our little summer vacay are a few of my memories. I was so glad to finally finish this shawl! This yellow yarn has been through some things! It was originally knit as a sweater. I knit the whole sweater and when it came time to seam it (I hate seaming) I decided I didn't like the sweater anymore, so I ripped it all out! We are Knitters and Wool and the Gang have some cute sweater designs but I hate that most of them are knit flat and need to be seamed. I do have the Cable Bomber from Wool and the Gang to knit so will suffer through seaming at least one more time.

My yellow shawl was suppose to be part of whole me made outfit. I planned on sewing the Emery Dress in the lemon fabric above to go with my shawl, but that has yet to happen! I've been procrastinating on making the dress. I've never sewn a zipper or lined anything and both those skills are needed in the dress. I know I'll never learn if I don't do it, I just need to get past my intimidation and do it! But now that Fall is almost here, I don't want to make the lemon dress. It screams Summer to me and I'm not in a summer vibe anymore. Give me all the cozy knits, boots, and Fall clothes! I do have some fun Fall/Halloween fabric to make another Emery dress though. I really need to push past my fear and just try it already! How hard can it be? I'll keep you posted on that!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Seasonal Rhythms

The Sunday Cardigan - my new project

Looking back through the memories of my Instagram account I've noticed I'm a creature of habit. I've had memories from years past pop up of baking something and realize I baked the same thing on the exact date. The same with my knitting. The past 3 years at this time of year I'm knitting with burnt orange yarn. Seasonal Rhythms. I feel it strongly this time of year and my soul seems to crave burnt orange yarn. Last year at this time I was knitting this Silver Monk Sweater. I finished all the knitting, but never seamed it up. I hate seaming! I couldn't start a new Fall sweater without finishing this one, so for two nights I seamed and my Silver Monk sweater is done!

I've realized with this project I'm not a fan of cotton yarn and won't use it again. And while I love the design of the sweater with the V in the back, it's too low, so the sweater will probably get worn around the house. My new project, with burnt orange of course, is the Sunday Cardigan knit with wool. I'm so excited for this sweater and know it will be worn!

Here's to Fall and my seasonal rhythms!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Football Life - Hook 'Em Horns!

Before I met Fonzy I was a casual football watcher. I'd watch a game here or there mainly the Buffalo Bills because I'm from that area. Then into my life came Fonzy! Born and bred in Texas football is in his DNA!

When Ezekiel was just 3 years old Fonzy took him to a Carolina Panthers game and he's been their biggest fan every since! Both boys played flag football when they were little and Elijah continues to play high school football today. Football season has become one my happiest times of year. I'm sure it has something to do with it being Fall, but I love Friday night football. Being in the stands with Fonzy on perfect Fall days, pouring rain or freezing temps while we watch Elijah play is something I look froward to all week.

Saturdays are spent cheering on the Texas Longhorns and watching all the college football games. I'm sure I drive Fonzy crazy with all the questions I ask  even though I've watched for years now. We've binged QB1, watch Hard Knocks, Last Chance U and any other series related to football. Football has been woven into the very fabric of our lives. And speaking of fabric...isn't this fabric the cutest! Since Fonzy is the biggest Texas Longhorn fan, I'm now a huge fan too! I'm not sure where I'll get to wear a Texas Longhorns dress, but that's besides the point! I couldn't resist making the dress.

Hook 'Em Horns!

Dress - made by me!
Pattern - Popover dress by Gerties Sews Jiffy Dresses

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Summer with Grandma

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” – Alex Haley

Being a full-time Grandma is a magical, life changing experience! And keeping it real, very tiring! I forgot what it's like to have little kids in the house, but I'm so happy to have them here and all the wonderful memories we are going to make this summer! I have a tiny bucket list of things I'd like to do and taking a ton of pictures, so I can send them home with a photo book of all our adventures! I've missed the magic of childhood and going to cherish this time we have.

Bucket List
~splash pad - Done!
~ spend the day at a lake
~ board games on the porch
~ baking cookies and cupcakes
~ sidewalk art
~ s'mores and fire pit 
~ hiking
~ creek splashing
~ beach trip and visit to Great Grandparents in Florida
~ letter writing back home
~ jump rope
~ catching fireflies
~ reading Sarafina and the Black Cloak
~ sewing lessons
~ maybe knitting lessons 
~ fishing
~ roller skating 

I have so many more ideas, but I'll stop for now. 

Let the magic begin!