Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Daily December - Longing

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Longing for everyone to be home with him. He's ready for Christmas break too!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Daily December - Good for the Soul

blog 814 Knitting and hot chocolate are good for the soul.


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Life is about change
sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful
but most of the time it's BOTH.

Change is a constant in life. There's no way around it. You keep living, life keeps changing. 

I don't think I'm one to shy away from change. I'm happy in my life right now, but a change may be coming and I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace it. Couldn't sleep last night and been weighting pros/cons all day and guess what? I'm still confused! 

The change has it's good and bad. I'm trying to keep an open mind and not be selfish. To let go of past experiences and embrace a new adventure. But dang it! Change is hard! And uncertain! And stressful! And...and....and....


I just needed to vent a little. A place to put down thoughts as a change is coming....I feel it.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Daily December - Let it Snow

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Let is snow!

During this time of year, I long for snow. Like really LONG for snow. Growing up in Dunkirk, NY right on Lake Erie, we always had a white Christmas. I can't recall one year we didn't have one. When I left home, I was so glad to be done with snow. I never thought I would miss it, but every year during the holidays nostalgia hits, and it hits hard! And I want snow!

I think we all long for the Christmas magic of our childhoods. I remember Christmas Eve laying awake in my bed, watching the snow fall, listening for the pitter-patter of reindeer on the roof. I swear I heard them once. And Christmas morning! As a kid there was nothing on earth better than Christmas morning! NOTHING!

Every year I go back to my childhood home for Christmas. My mind takes me there. And for just a few moments the magic is back.

And I have my white Christmas.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Daily December - The Tree Decorating That Wasn't

blog 727blog 760blog 753 You know how you have grand ideas in your head - of a magical time of getting the Christmas tree, and decorating with the family. And oh how fun it will be. And all the pictures and great memories you will capture. And how PERFECT it will be. Then life happens, and the picture perfect event in your head doesn't quite happen.

Instead of decorating our tree, I got a trip down memory lane. Into an box that use to be a toy box for 2 little boys. One no longer here, and the other a Dad himself. A box that holds drawings, homemade cards, and cherished memories of days long past. Smiling at pictures drawn of me. Tracing words that little hands wrote, hands no longer here. Remembering Christmas's past, another lifetime ago...

 Thinking of the here and now and 2 more boys I get to celebrate this Christmas with. And hoping I can make it magical for them.