Monday, February 18, 2019

Grey Hair Don't Care

Two weeks ago I was in front of our bathroom mirror, getting ready to dye my roots yet AGAIN, when all of a sudden I just couldn't do it anymore. I looked over at my hubby who happened to be standing there and declared "I'm done!"

I started going grey in my late 20's, early 30's and started dyeing my roots. I've been doing it ever since! The past few years it's been every 2 weeks. Like clockwork, my grey roots start peeping through and I'd go to the beauty supply store, get my dye and dread the task at hand. I hated dyeing my hair, but I just couldn't see myself stopping anytime soon. Society puts such an emphasis on being young and beautiful, that it's so easy to fall into it's trap. God forbid if you have grey hair! Everyone will think you are old and let yourself go! Must cover the grey! And so I was a slave to the dye. Well, no more! 

I'm ditching the dye! 

Let me tell you, since I made that declaration I have second guessed myself every day! Yes, every day! The first day I decided to stop dyeing my hair, I went to Instagram to find inspiration for my grey hair and found a movement of women ditching the dye! There are so many women like myself that have had it! I've spent way too much time on IG and Pinterest searching my silver sisters. I've showed Fonzy(hubby) countless pictures of women who are no longer dyeing their hair. I'm sure he's done with my obsession with grey hair right about now. One of my biggest worries is how he is going to feel about me going grey. Would he be embarrassed whenever we are out together? When I show up at his games or at the school will people think who is this old lady he's married too? It's not like he doesn't have grey, he does. But grey on a man is perceived so differently than on women. It's distinguished and sexy on a man, but an old hag on women. Why is that?! I've asked Fonzy how he feels about it, and he says do what makes me happy. I know he will support me regardless, he always has, but I'm sure the transition will take some getting use to, for the both of us. 

I find myself stopping in the mirror more often checking out the grey and already notice people glancing up at my hair when speaking with me. This is not going to be easy! But change never is. I've read it can take up to 2 years to completely grow out the grey. That's a long time for someone who is very impatient (me!) This will truly be a test of my patience, and resolve. I'm definitely going to need the support of the other women on this journey. A negative comment will have you wanting to hit the dye bottle! When I feel myself getting weak, I go to Instagram and get the encouragement I need. I CAN DO THIS! Last night while scrolling I found the most beautiful woman with grey hair, JoAni Johnson. Her Instagram account here. She is my hair goals!

I'm going to document this journey. Post pictures of my grey transformation and sharing my thoughts and fears of what it's like to be my true authentic self. Why keep pretending? We all grow old, we all get grey hair, so why fight it and waste precious time covering it up. These pictures are 3 weeks and 1 day into my grey transformation. I've never let my hair go this long without dyeing it. It's a whole new world for me. 

I'm embracing my grey! Ditching the dye! Going grey on purpose! Grey hair, don't care! Let's do this! 

Last dye: January 26, 2019