Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Pictures

easter 2011
Hidden egg - we normally don't hunt for Easter eggs, but Karen bought some over for the kids.

We hid the eggs and called the kids.....Elijah came running out the garage with a mop bucket for his basket! Yep...we are keeping it real at our house!

easter Ezekiel and TJ searching for eggs.

Jay - this would be an egg.

easter The men playing Bocce ball

My ride or die chick Jennifer

easter Me, Karen(sis) and Jay(bro)

easter A little MJ on the Wii

Food! Lots and lots of food. I shouldn't have to cook all week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sticky Sweetness - Kinda Wordless Wednesday

this moment I was sharing this candy apple with Elijah until Fonzy reminded me he had thrown up and hadn't brushed his teeth!


After that, the candy apple was all his and he couldn't have been happier!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


this moment The Zipper

This weekend there was a carnival in town. The boys were out with Fonzy Friday night, saw it and were so excited. The bright lights, the music, the spinning rides! Who wouldn't want to go. Plus, we had never taken the boys to a carnival, so this was all new and amazing to them. I felt sort of bad like they were missing out on a part of childhood. By the time I was their age I had been to several carnivals. Saturday night I decided to take the boys with me to the carnival so I could take pictures. We weren't riding any rides, not playing any games, we are just going to take pictures.

The boys were in awe, the rides, the food, the GAMES! OMGosh - the games! The whole time we were there they wanted to play the games. The games that you can't win. The games that are rigged and are only there to take your money! I tried to explain you don't win a big prize at first. You win a small prize, pay more money and work your way up to a big prize. The basketball goals are oval, not round. No matter how good you think you are at basketball, the balls are NOT GOING IN. But of course, I'm just mom. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

this moment
Later that night Fonzy and I were talking about how sheltered we have the boys and taking them to the carnival. Carnivals had been a part of our childhood and we both had great memories of going. So today after church, we headed to the carnival.

The boys were so excited! And really - so was I. It had been forever since I was on a carnival ride. Ezekiel and I got on the Zipper first. Elijah saw the ride and said he wasn't getting on. Ezekiel was hesitant, but we told them once we bought the tickets, they had to get on the rides, so he really had no choice. We get on the ride and Ezekiel is wanting to get off before the ride even starts. I just laughed and told him it was going to be fun. Just hold my hand and he would be alright. No big deal.

Boy was I ever WRONG!

this moment Gravitron

The ride started and it was ok at first. Ezekiel didn't like it, but I was good. After about the second time around, our little seat/cage started flipping like crazy and it sounded like it was going to fly right off the ride! I started screaming like I had lost my mind!! Ezekiel was yelling for me to make them stop. After a few more rounds, the ride slowed down. I told Ezekiel, that was it, we were getting off. WRONG AGAIN! It started going backwards and was even worse! He started crying and I thought I was going to pee my pants! Really! I'm not even joking. His glasses flew off and my cell phone went flying! I wanted to cry too. The ride from Hell finally stopped and as the ride attendant opened our seat/cage he asked me if I was OK? UH NO! I'm not OK!!! I almost peed on myself!

this moment Ezekiel home after his throw up fest

Once we got off I was done! No more rides for me! Ezekiel got on the Gravitron with Fonzy and Elijah, but after that he was done. Elijah rode one more ride by himself to use the last four tickets and we headed home. On the way home Ezekiel is complaining his stomach hurts, next thing you know, he's throwing up in the truck. Did he tell us to pull over? Put his head out the window? Of course not! He throws up right in the middle of the seat. Elijah is sitting in the back with him and he starts throwing up out the window. Fonzy is driving, cussing and swerving on the road, and I'm yelling at Ezekiel that I am NOT cleaning up that mess - he is! Knowing good and well I'm going to have to clean it up! All of this because we wanted the boys to experience going to a carnival. A happy childhood memory.
Uh yeah.....not so much!

Friday, April 1, 2011

~right now~

this moment nice quiet breakfast - the quiet didn't last long

this moment arguing over pokemon cards - and shortly there after I had to jack Ezekiel up. He's almost 12 and has changed from a sweet, mild mannered kid to a monster with an anger management problem! Not sure he's going to make it to 12!