Saturday, August 30, 2008

Self portrait - Cruella Deville

This is me, in all my morning glory. No make-up, hair all wild, didn't even brush my teeth yet. According to Ezekiel....I look like Cruella Deville.

I don't see the resemblance.

Do you???

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!

Today is the first day of school, and in our house, that's a big deal! Not only do we have students going back, but we have a brand new TEACHER going back! Yep, after all Fonzy's hard work he is now officially a middle school teacher....and we couldn't be prouder of him!

Elijah - 1st Grade

Ezekiel - 4th Grade

And the teacher - Mr. V

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

When my "aunt" comes to visit

When it's that dreaded time of the month, all I want, after drugging up on Midol, Pamperin, Advil, Tylenol, or whatever I can get my hands on, is my bed, my heating pad, my blanket and a good book. Oh, and peace and quiet would be nice too, but with a house full of boys, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

I wish my "aunt" would go away and NEVER, EVER COME BACK!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

-Hans Christian Andersen

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Wishes

Have you thought about your final arrangements? You know, like what you want to wear for your final showing, if you want anyone to sing at your funeral, where you want to be buried, or maybe not buried at all, maybe you want to be cremated. I use to think I would want to be buried in my hometown, in the same cemetary my Mom is buried, but I've since changed my mind. I told Fonzy if it were up to me, he can just have me cremated and him and all my boys can go to the ocean and scatter my ashes. I saw this story and pictures online and wondered why someone would want to do this, but then I thought, was his final wish, so why not.


Carlos Medina, kisses the cheek of his deceased brother Angel Pantoja Medina who stands erect, leaning against a wall during Pantoja's wake in their mother's home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Monday, Aug. 18, 2008. Medina, who was killed on Aug. 15, 2008, had wished to be standing at his own wake, and was embalmed for the occasion.
(AP Photo/Juan Alicea Marcado, El Nuevo Dia)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Agenda for today

This is what I had on my agenda for today:
~wake up early, make breakfast
~catch up on laundry
~clean kitchen, including frig
~clean my room and bathroom
~have the boys dust
~mop and wax kitchen floor
~have boys clean their room and bathroom
~give myself a manicure and pedicure
~go out and take some pictures of boys, and different things around the neighborhood, like the Jesus statue in the cemetary.
~plan menu for the coming week
~get clothes ready for church in the morning
~gather books to take back to the library; get something new to read

This is what I've accomplished:
~woke up around 9:30am, made coffee and bagel
~checked e-mail
~filled washing machine with water, realized had no detergent
~thought about going to the store for detergent, key words - "thought about"
~surfed internet
~got lazy, laid down to watch some tv
~took a nap
~after nap, watched "Secret Lives of Women" which I had DVR'd
~watched a Lifetime movie about babies being switched at birth
~order Pizza Hut pasta, because with all the work I.DID.NOT.DO, I was too tired to cook
~sat down and felt like a complete bum for getting nothing accomplished today
~wrote this post

It is now 6:41pm, and I am still in my pj's disgusted that I've wasted a whole Saturday, doing absolutely nothing......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!


A few weekends ago, I had to have a conversation with Ezekiel and Elijah about "that time of the month." I wasn't really sure how to explain it to a 9 and 6 yr old, but I faltered my way through it. Here is our conversation.

Me: "You know when I tell you guys I have cramps and I'm not feeling well, and I can't cook, and I just need to lay down in my bed with my heating pad, and not be bothered?"

Ezekiel and Elijah shake their heads yes

Me: "OK, well during that time, Mommy is bleeding."

before I could even go on.......

Elijah: "Mommy, you bleed out of your butt.......that's nasty!"

No comment from me.....moving right along.

Me: "Well, once a month girls have extra blood in their bodies. When they have babies in their stomachs, the extra blood goes to the baby. So when you guys were in my stomach, all my extra blood went to you. Well, when there is no baby in the girls stomach, the extra blood has to come out. Understand? finish cleaning."

Elijah - before he walks off: "Mom, you bleed out of your butt.......that is just nasty!"

I'm thinking to myself....yep, I agree....NASTY!

Fast forward to the next morning at a PACKED restaurant having breakfast before Elijah's basketball game. Fonzy is looking at video of Marcel's (his little brother) baby on his phone. Fonzy has been wanting another baby for some time now. Once he looks at the video, he turns to me and tells me he is mad at me because he wants another baby, but I had my tubes tied after Elijah, so that's probably not going to happen. Anyways......when Ezekiel hears Fonzy say he wants another baby Ezekiel proclaims, VERY LOUDLY, in the PACKED restaurant I might add....

"Sorry Daddy, Mommy is bleeding right now, so she can't have another baby!"

Yeah...I heard a few snickers at the tables near by.



Love Thursday: A Mother's Love

I often look at this picture and wonder what my Mom and my Grandmother were thinking at this precise moment. Was mommy afraid of dying....or was she ready to let go, to be rid of all the pain and suffering. And what about my Grandmother? It must of been so hard to watch her daughter suffering, and really......dying. My mom was so young. She died 2 months before her 31st birthday. 30 years old.....

I'm not sure who took this picture, but what was Mommy thinking as she looked into the camera. Did she know this would be one of the last pictures taken of her? Did she want to be remembered this way? What was going on in her mind? I wish I knew. What I do know from looking at this picture was my Grandmother was loving my Mom....taking care of her baby during what was to be her last days, as she did so many years before during her first days.

You can see more Love Thursday's over at Shutter Sisters.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not playing anymore!

I've worked out 2 days in a row! YaY Me! I worked out last night, and instead of taking the elevator at work this morning, I walked up the 4 flights of stairs. I had to stop and catch my breath by the 3rd flight, but dang it, I did it! I worked out again when I got home, I'm going to get in shape, even if it kills me and the way I feel right now......killing me may not be too hard to do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love chocolate covered strawberries. Too bad Elijah likes them as much as I do, because he ate most of them. I think I got 3........maybe.

Monday, August 11, 2008

3 shots


3 shots...that was the highlight of Ezekiel's summer basketball league. Ezekiel's team, the Hawkeyes, started out on a winning streak, winning their first 5 games, but disappointment came with the 6th game, and continued on for the 7th and 8th. With their winning streak gone and them wondering if they lost their mojo, they won their 9th game! They were back! Tonight was the final game and they wanted to win so bad. The game was close, up until the last seconds. It was 17 - 20, with a few seconds left. The other team had the ball, and while trying to shoot a 3 pointer, the players was fouled and was up for 3 foul about pressure. He could tie the game right here. Fonzy and I didn't think he would make all 3, maybe one, but not 3. The player stood on the foul line and you could hear a pin drop. He dribbled the ball, and SWISH! Nothing but net! The other team was out of their seats cheering. His next shot, nothing but net! The crowd was stunned. If he made this next shot, the game would be tied. A hush fell over the gym. It looked like the player was dribbling in slow motion.........he raised the ball up over his head and I'm sure while praying he shot it. I swear everyone was holding their breath! The ball soared in the air toward the goal, and hit NOTHING BUT NET! The other team was cheering like this was the NBA finals! The whole gym was cheering really. It was a pretty spectacular moment, one I'm sure that little boy will never forget! We went into OT and ended up winning the game. Our season was 7-3 (I think that's how it goes) We won 7, lost 3. But no matter how many games won and lost, those 3 shots will be the most memorable of the season I'm sure.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


What is my purpose? Why did God put me here in this place and time? This has been on my mind a lot lately. I don't feel deep in my soul that I'm living my purpose, but I don't know how to find it. I feel life is passing me by, and I'm just a spectator. Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to start anything new, or that my life is almost over, so why try to make it better now? I know 37 is not that old, but it's not young either. I feel I haven't accomplished anything in my 37 years. When it's my time to leave this earth, what will people say about me? What difference did I make.......what was the purpose of my life?

Friday, August 8, 2008


If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.
~Norman Douglas

Monday, August 4, 2008


Zay went back home today. According to him, he had been here too long and was ready to go. With that said, I hope when he get's older, he will remember this summer with us as one of his fondest childhood memories.