Monday, August 11, 2008

3 shots


3 shots...that was the highlight of Ezekiel's summer basketball league. Ezekiel's team, the Hawkeyes, started out on a winning streak, winning their first 5 games, but disappointment came with the 6th game, and continued on for the 7th and 8th. With their winning streak gone and them wondering if they lost their mojo, they won their 9th game! They were back! Tonight was the final game and they wanted to win so bad. The game was close, up until the last seconds. It was 17 - 20, with a few seconds left. The other team had the ball, and while trying to shoot a 3 pointer, the players was fouled and was up for 3 foul about pressure. He could tie the game right here. Fonzy and I didn't think he would make all 3, maybe one, but not 3. The player stood on the foul line and you could hear a pin drop. He dribbled the ball, and SWISH! Nothing but net! The other team was out of their seats cheering. His next shot, nothing but net! The crowd was stunned. If he made this next shot, the game would be tied. A hush fell over the gym. It looked like the player was dribbling in slow motion.........he raised the ball up over his head and I'm sure while praying he shot it. I swear everyone was holding their breath! The ball soared in the air toward the goal, and hit NOTHING BUT NET! The other team was cheering like this was the NBA finals! The whole gym was cheering really. It was a pretty spectacular moment, one I'm sure that little boy will never forget! We went into OT and ended up winning the game. Our season was 7-3 (I think that's how it goes) We won 7, lost 3. But no matter how many games won and lost, those 3 shots will be the most memorable of the season I'm sure.

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