Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning ~ Flowerbeds ~ Planting

IMG_3202 IMG_3245 gladiolus2 gladiolus Spring flowerbed flowerbed2I've finally got my flowerbeds cleaned and planted sunflowers again in one of the beds. I will probably plant sunflowers every year. I just love them! I haven't planted anything in the other bed yet. I have gladiolus that have started to come up, but I still have room for something else. I planted daisies last year, but they never grew. This particular bed has more shade, so I'm searching for flowers that don't mind shade. I need to decide soon!

Every Spring I look forward to planting my flowerbeds. They aren't very big, but I've gotten so much joy since I planted them four years ago. Here's the post when it all began. I was so excited then, and have gotten the same excitement each year since. It's such a miracle to plant those little seeds and watch them grow into big, bright, beautiful flowers. Once I plant the seeds, I turn into a flower stalker! I'm out there everyday, searching for little shoots of green.

The trees have started to come to life. Little bitty leaves are sprouting. Birds are chirping. Spring is in full force. Along with allergies! Normally all the yellow pollen in the air doesn't bother me, but this year! It's killing me! It seems worse this year. At times I feel as if I'm choking on it! And eating it! Wearing lip gloss seems to be a magnet for it. I taste it all day on my lips. Not to mention in my eyes and contacts. I know it's all part of the season, but I'll be glad when all is green again and the pollen is gone! Ahhh......chu!

I went through my blog and found some of my favorite posts about gardening and my gorgeous sunflowers. Can't wait to see what I get this year!