Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunflower Journey


So anyone who reads my blog or follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows about my sunflower journey. I was so excited to be planting sunflowers and have been waiting anxiously like a kid on Christmas for them to bloom!

And bloom they have!

I said I would be happy if just one bloomed, but I actually have a few blooming. My only disappointment is they didn't get to their full height potential. The package said they could reach 5ft to 7ft. These are no where near that height. The problem I think is they are not in full sunlight all day. The fence has them in shade some of the day.


They are sunflowers!

I've studied our backyard to see what gets full sun, all day long and the only place is right smack dab in the middle of the yard. I told Fonzy(hubby) I wanted to plant my sunflower there next year. He was not trying to hear me!

So I have a dilemma - where do I plant my sunflowers next year? Because I am planting them again! My option right now is to plant them in a huge planter that I can move around - chasing the sun all day. I'm not really feeling that option. Fonzy seems to like it.

I'm going to enjoy the flowers that did bloom and hopefully next year I can find the right spot and they will reach their full potential.

Double header!


Pretty Mades said...

We planted some too but they haven't bloomed :(

Ayana said...

beautiful photographs! I think you did a wonderful job- they can be tricky to grow...

Unknown Mami said...

They're gorgeous and so are the photos.