Monday, December 15, 2014


weekend knitting breakfast titusbaby zeke_titus elijah cooking sunset boys tracks morning snuggles coffee pb blossom titus christmas walk cowl home scene titus_bettybooppjs fonzyhat applesforjam titustree fonzy hat
I think we are all ready for Christmas break. I know I am. I only have 4 days this week in the office and I'm out until January 5th! Looking forward to unplanned days with nothing on the schedule. I plan to knit, break out the cookbooks and cook something different, watch movies, take leisurely walks, and just enjoy the slower pace. I can't wait!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Father and Son

fonzy ezekiel hair_bw fonzy and ezekiel_bw Capturing little moments like these are my favorite.

Fonzy was heading upstairs to cut his and Ezekiel's hair, but stopped to look at his phone. While standing there in the kitchen, Ezekiel started to comb his hair. He joked saying "Daddy, your hair is thinning on top. You're going to start looking like Lebron" and so on. Around and around he went, combing Fonzy's hair. I look at these pictures and can't believe how tall Ezekiel has gotten. They both argue who's taller, I think Ezekiel may have finally got him. They have such a close relationship. Ezekiel often says his Dad is his best friend. I pray it will always be that way.

This little slice of life - this moment - touched my heart so. A Father/Son moment they probably have forgotten about - probably didn't think much of when it was happening, but a moment I'm sure they will cherish one day.

I already cherish it today.

Oh Christmas Tree

TX boys snowman knitted tree elijah ornament knittedsnowman toy soldier ezekiel ornament gingerbread2 clay snowman stocking boys reindeer One of my favorite things about decorating the Christmas tree each year is bringing out all the little ornaments the boys have made. The ones with their pictures are my favorites and reminder of how time flies! I can't believe it's been 10yrs since Ezekiel's little ornament picture!

I've made a few knitted ornaments and need to knit more. Maybe for next year, not happening this year. I've noticed too that we seem to have a thing for snowmen. Quite a few snowmen on our tree. All these are some of my favorites.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

ezekiel tree Titus Christmas tree me and tree elijah christmas tree socks lights christmas tree
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas! And I can have all the twinkle lights I want and no one will think I'm crazy - time of year!

Right after Thanksgiving I'm ready to get our tree and decorate for Christmas. This year was no exception. My boys decided this year that we should get a little tree. Not really sure why, but when we went to pick out the tree, Ezekiel went to the smallest one and declared it, "The One" It was as tall as him, and kind of skinny - just like him! I tried to persuade him to choose another one, but he was determined that this was it. So we took it home.

Titus wasn't too sure about the tree. He watches it out of the corner of his eyes, and darts past it whenever he has to go near it.

Elijah demonstrating how short the tree really is. I actually like our little Charlie Brown tree. No need for the bigger is better. Small feels just right this year.