Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow


Everyday when I get home from work, I head out back to check on my flower beds. I was so excited the other day when I noticed some teeny tiny little white flowers popping up in the wildflowers. The wildflowers are just a mix of all types of flowers, so I have no clue what I'm getting, but can't wait to see.

What I'm really excited about are the sunflowers! The top right photo are the hybrid sunflowers I planted, and the bottom right are the traditional yellow sunflowers. Slowly, but surely they are coming up. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning - the anticipation is killing me! I hope every single little seed I planted blooms. From little itty bitty seeds we will get huge bright happy sunflowers! Isn't it amazing!

You can check out planting day here.

Summer Days - unofficially :)


It's that time again - days spent at the pool, grilling out as much as possible, dinners eaten outside at the picnic table, evenings spent in tiki torch lit backyard, and the boys playing outside until dark.

Summer is right around the corner and we are looking forward to it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



It's a dark, rainy Wednesday morning here in NC. Tropical storm Beryl is at our coast and we are getting hit with lots of rain and humidity. This is the kind of morning  you would much rather be home, puttering around in PJ's, with knitting and coffee in hand, but alas, I have to work.

Life has been busy lately and I haven't knit in the past week or so. Gasp! I'm still working on babydolls 2 & 3, and also my ZigZag afghan. I've taken the ZigZag with me to a minor league baseball game - the Carolina Mudcats. Had my own little stitch and pitch. I actually got a lot done at the game. I'm still loving the bright colors and zigzaging pattern.

 For more WIP and yarny goodness, click on icons below.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Years Gone


Today marks 3 years since you've been gone.

3 years since I got the phone call that you were taken from us.

3 years of heartache

3 years of missing you

3 years of tears

3 years of wondering why

After 3 years I still find it hard to look at your pictures. My heart breaks knowing there will never be any more pictures of you.

After 3 years, I'm living day by day, putting on a smile, but inside I still struggle. When alone, I cry thinking of you, of how you were killed. I try to think of the life you lived, the good memories, but somehow I always end up on May 23, 2009. The day you lay in a parking lot, shot and killed on a dare.

No one knows the pain I still feel. I keep it to myself. I dream of you, miss you, will never forget you, and will never, ever stop loving you my first born son. I carry you in my heart, always and forever, until the day I can see your smiling face again.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Wicked - Sister Night Out

Friday night was Sister Night out! And it was a Wicked night! :)

I have been wanting to see Wicked for a few years now, and finally got to see it. I was not disappointed! I loved it! I watch the Wizard of Oz whenever it comes on TV, been watching it since childhood, but I will look at it differently now since seeing Wicked.

If you ever get the chance to see it, I highly reccomend it!

Before the musical, my sister Karen and I went out to dinner. The Tobacco District in downtown Durham is pretty awesome! So many restuarants, and things to do.

We had dinner at the Cuban Revolution.

I've never had a Cuban sandwich, so that's what I got. It was good, but I expected a little more....I don't know...something more Cuban, I guess. I got black beans and rice, and they were good. I would go again, the atmosphere was great, but would try something different.




All, in all it was a great night! The musical was AWESOME, the food was good, and the company was great. There's nothing better than hanging out with your little sister!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Karen and I are going to see Wicked today! So excited!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Stitch N' Pitch

Baseball season is in full swing! We are at the field at least 3 times a week! Some nights after 9pm! I don't know what I'd do without knitting.  It's fun watching the boys play, but that's a lot of knitting time that shouldn't be wasted!

I knit when they are in the dugout and cheer when they are hitting or in the outfield.


Happy, Bright ZigZag Afghan

Tomorrow we are going to a minor league game, the Carolina Mudcats. I will have a project stashed in my camera bag, just in the case the game get's boring.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walks in the 'hood

We've been taking walks around our neighborhood in the evenings. I've really enjoyed walking. It gets us out of the house, off the couch and away from the tv. The boys normally run ahead, while Fonzy and I stroll along checking out the yards, getting ideas for ours.

Walks in the hood1

Walks in the hood2
Our subdivision has walking trails, so off into the woods we go. Of course we talked about all the animals we could encounter, snakes, bears, possums, deer, Jason, Freddie....luckily we didn't run into anything or anybody!

Walks in the hood4

Walks in the hood6

We discovered a new set of swings.

Walks in the hood7

Walks in the hood8

Walks in the hood9

Walks in the hood11
The boys ran ahead to get their bikes.

Look Ma, no hands!

I'm almost 13 and too cool!
Walks in the hood10
Home Sweet Home!
Watching the sunset.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play Ball!

It's that time again! Baseball season!

Fonzy has decided to coach Elijah's team this year. Both boys teams are the Marlins. We've been at a game every night this week. I didn't take many pictures for Ezekiel's game, so have to get some his games next week. These are pictures from Elijah and Fonzy's game last night.

Sidenote - the top picture is my favorite of the night. I think that needs to be framed!

Fonzy teaching Ezekiel how to keep the book for him. He did an awesome job!

Elijah was the starting pitcher. This was my first time seeing him pitch. He did such a good job. He's gotten more confidence as he's gotten older. He got plenty of stikes - 3 up, 3 down!

He looks so tall in these pictures! Awwww......our baby is growing up!
Love this picture with his little tongue sticking out! Priceless! Awwww....have to say it again, he's getting so big!
We love to hear the crack of the bat, and see the ball fly into the outfield.
Sliding into home!
Ezekiel - "Mom, you take way too many pictures! Do I really have to pose for this!"

"Yes! Yes you do! Now smile!"
Not only is Elijah a pitcher, he's a catcher too! He's been a catcher the past few years. He's getting really good at it too!


Number 9 is the Veale family number. Fonzy wore it and I think his Dad did too. So we try to get number 9 for the boys when they play. They both got it this year. I need to get a pic of them with their number 9 shirts.
I had to capture this moment! Daddy, and coach tying his shoe. That doesn't happen often - if ever!