Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play Ball!

It's that time again! Baseball season!

Fonzy has decided to coach Elijah's team this year. Both boys teams are the Marlins. We've been at a game every night this week. I didn't take many pictures for Ezekiel's game, so have to get some his games next week. These are pictures from Elijah and Fonzy's game last night.

Sidenote - the top picture is my favorite of the night. I think that needs to be framed!

Fonzy teaching Ezekiel how to keep the book for him. He did an awesome job!

Elijah was the starting pitcher. This was my first time seeing him pitch. He did such a good job. He's gotten more confidence as he's gotten older. He got plenty of stikes - 3 up, 3 down!

He looks so tall in these pictures! Awwww......our baby is growing up!
Love this picture with his little tongue sticking out! Priceless! Awwww....have to say it again, he's getting so big!
We love to hear the crack of the bat, and see the ball fly into the outfield.
Sliding into home!
Ezekiel - "Mom, you take way too many pictures! Do I really have to pose for this!"

"Yes! Yes you do! Now smile!"
Not only is Elijah a pitcher, he's a catcher too! He's been a catcher the past few years. He's getting really good at it too!


Number 9 is the Veale family number. Fonzy wore it and I think his Dad did too. So we try to get number 9 for the boys when they play. They both got it this year. I need to get a pic of them with their number 9 shirts.
I had to capture this moment! Daddy, and coach tying his shoe. That doesn't happen often - if ever!


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SnuggleBunnie said...

what a lovely post. Those pictures are so precious. I love how your family show good sportsmanship. That is totally a wake up call for me. I need to get my girls in the game and occupied.