Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls

cwdoll1 doll4 doll3 doll6 doll5 doll poolknitting doll2 twins
Dolls, dolls and more dolls!

I'm working on two identical dolls right now for a co-worker and I must say I can't wait to be done with them! I think this is what second sock syndrome is like. Making two of everything can get kind of boring. I'm working on arms and legs now. Heads and bodies are done.

I take my knitting with me everywhere. Baseball games, pool, porch swing and just watching TV. While watching a movie with hubby laying on my lap, I noticed his hands and snapped a picture. Something about it moved me. I'm glad I took it. It's one of my favorite pictures.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moments and Doggy Heaven

The other night as we were all getting ready to go to bed, Ezekiel came into my room and sat on the floor next to Titus. Rubbing his ears, we talked quietly about Titus and how much we loved him. Then he asked...

"When Titus dies, do you think he will go to Heaven?"

I thought about it for a second, and said - Yes, I believed he would go to Heaven. I looked down at the both of them and had to capture this moment. Ezekiel will be 15 this month. All too soon he will be off to college, and these little moments will be no more. His world will be filled with classes, probably girls, a whole lifetime in front of him, and Titus and I will fade into the background - just as it should be.

But this moment right here, I will have forever -  a teenage boy on the cusp of manhood wondering if his dog will go to Heaven when he dies.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

peachcobbler peachcobbler_3 peachcobbler4 peachcobbler_2 peachcobbler_7 peachcobbler_9 peachcobbler_8 peachcobbler10
At the grocery store the other day Fonzy mentioned getting a peach pie. He went off to search for one, and came back empty handed. I took that as a sign that I needed to bake one.

I've never made peach cobbler, but a co-worker recommended this recipe Bourbon Peach Cobbler and I followed it exactly. The cobbler was yummy, warm with French Vanilla ice cream. The only change I would make is to add more peaches. 8 peaches was not nearly enough.

I enjoyed making this and would definitely make again.

My love/hate relationship with cooking continues.

Monday, June 16, 2014


weekending1 strawblueberries2 titusazul bourbonmango poolknitting boysofsummer_2014 movieinthepark peachcobbler
This weekend:
~ Blueberry and strawberry pancakes
~ Cute puppies
~ Easy crockpot dinner so we can hang out at the pool
~ Pool play and knitting
~ Movie in the park - Despicable Me 2
~ And trying a new recipe - Bourbon Peach Cobbler. It came out really good.

I wish weekends lasted longer. There's only so much you can squeeze into 2 days.