Monday, April 13, 2015


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My flower beds have been in dire need of attention. Grass and weeds have grown into them and old gladiolus stalks add to the disarray. Such a sad state of affairs.

After much avoidance, this past weekend the weather was perfect for gardening. I wasn't exactly looking forward to cleaning out the beds, but once I got started I actually enjoyed it. The sun felt good on my skin, the smell of the dirt, even the little worms and bugs I encountered was a simple pleasure.

I have gladiolus planted in both beds, but decided to move them all over to one bed. One bed for perennials and one bed for annuals. The first bed I cleared, I planted sunflowers and pumpkins. I grew sunflowers a couple years ago and loved them. This will be my first time planting pumpkins. They are small pumpkins, and I'm not sure they will grow, but we will see. I think this bed may be my favorite. The sunflowers are planted toward the back along the fence (2nd picture) and the pumpkins are planted in the middle. The beds look small in the pictures, but they are actually pretty good sized. The back of pumpkin package said to plant Apr - Jun and after I planted them, I realized it should have waited longer. They will be full grown in 110 days, which will make it July 30! Too early for pumpkins. You live and learn, right. Next year I will wait a bit to plant them, because if these grow, I will definitely plant them again next year.

The second flower bed, has my gladiolus which I planted a few years ago, and I added daises to them. This will be my first time with daises, such happy flowers.

I can't wait to see little sprouts shooting up. The first time I planted flowers I was amazed and excited when they actually grew! I'm no gardener.....well, maybe I am. Who am I to say I'm not :)

New beginnings, full of promise.

~ For The Love Your Blog Challenge with Kate of A Playful Day


Nidhi said...

It must be exciting, yes? I have some seeds that I want to plant. We live in apartments, so there's not much area for a garden except for pots near the windows. I'm still excited though, but it just might be too hot here right now to plant anything new.

Helen (yarnful) said...

Summer pumpkins might be delicious! Salads, rather than stews maybe? I was also out last weekend enjoying bring able to weed the garden in the sunshine. I like the way you've edged the bed with stones.