Monday, April 27, 2015

Girl Scouts Rock!

I am so proud of myself! I've been a Girl Scout troop leader for a few months now. It's been exciting, a little nerve wrecking, more work than I thought, but I've loved every minute of it!

This past weekend, I had to do my outdoor certification (camping), so I can take my girls camping and other outdoor activities. This weekend was rainy, and chilly. Not the best weather for camping, but we're Girl Scouts, right. So need to be prepared for anything!

My friends and family still have can't believe I'm a Girl Scout leader. I guess some would call me a girly girl. I like pink, wearing high heels, and I have a tiara, I like dolls, but I can be girly girl and still step out and do other things. I like being outdoors, even liked camping as a kid. I like to fish, ride horses. Why limit ones self?  Maybe it's because I'm a Mom to all boys and I've never been a Girl Scout myself. Who knows why people find it hard to believe I'm a Girl Scout leader. I told co-workers and friends I was camping this weekend, and the majority of responses, was "really? you?"

Yes. Me! 

So camping I went, along with other troop leaders to be certified. I bought a companion on my camping trip,the last doll I made. I had to strap her in for our ride to camp. Safety first! I've never set up a tent before, so a day before going to camp I had my son help me set up the tent, so I wouldn't be totally clueless. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Plus I had seasoned campers/troop leaders helping out once I got to camp. Got the tent all set up, rolled out my sleeping bag, and cheetah Snuggie, and my bed was ready!

We had a full day of learning. How to start fires without flammable liquids or match light charcoal. We made fire starters out of kindling, egg cartons, and wax. I wasn't sure I would be able to do start a fire without lighter fluid, but I did! Got a little tepee fire going and roasted myself a huge marshmallow! Being that it was raining and everything was soaking wet, we put newspaper down in the fire pit so it wasn't so wet and didn't build a huge fire. But I got one going, so I was happy! We baked chocolate chip cookies in a box oven! A box oven! You get a sturdy box, cover in heavy duty aluminum foil, use charcoal briskets in tuna cans, and you have an oven! That actually bakes cookies! Who knew! Dinner was a chicken potpie in the cast iron skillet and breakfast was breakfast burritos. They were the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. I didn't get a picture of the burritos because I ate them so fast! Ooops!

We learned about cooking outside, safety in being outdoors, flag ceremonies, tying knots, much more information, but so good. The trainers were long time Girl Scout leaders and trainers and they were the best! So many great stories and had me excited and proud to be a Girl Scout! I learned a lot. And made new friends. Our patrol was the best! And I'm so thankful I got to do my training with them. The weekend was great. The only downfall was being wet and cold all weekend. There was a few times I wanted to go home, to hubby and a nice warm home, but I stuck it out! I'm proud of myself, and I earned my first Girl Scout patch!

Girl Scouts and leading has taken me out of my comfort zone on many levels. I originally wanted to help lead a troop, not have my own, but there was a troop of girls who needed a leader. So my own troop I got. And even though I'm learning as I go along, and sometimes ask myself, who am I to mentor these girls, it really is the best thing for me. I'm learning and growing right along with the girls. And I'm so excited for all the adventures we will have!

Girl Scouts ROCK!

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