Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Backyard/Yard Chronicles

IMG_0257 IMG_0174 IMG_0178 IMG_0253 IMG_0281 IMG_0262 IMG_0180 IMG_0196 IMG_0279 With warmer weather here, we've been spending more and more time in the yard, and are steadily working on sprucing it up. I have gladiolus coming up in my flower beds, and hoping to see sunflowers and daisies soon! And still crossing my fingers for the pumpkins. Still not sure they will grow, but we'll see. I go out everyday and check out the beds. Someone else seems to love my flower beds too. Titus!!! I caught him digging in my beds, so I put pinwheels in the beds, hoping to scare him and they worked. He doesn't like them and stays out the beds. No expensive scarecrows needed.

On one side of the house, we had some bushes growing, and a few years ago I planted some tropicanna canna lilies, very pretty perennials with bright orange flowers. I've been wanting to take out the bushes and put all tropicanna canna lilies there, but just never got around to it until this past weekend. Fonzy and Elijah helped me pull out the bushes. It was harder than I thought. We finally got them all out and I planted a few more lilies. They spread on their own, but I need at least 2 more to fill up some spots, but I think it looks so much better.

Slowly but surely our yard is coming together. I need a hanging plant for my front porch, and some for the backyard. New tiki torches and twinkle lights for the patio and a few other projects and the yard will be set for summer. Our grill will get much use, along with Lowes and Home Depot becoming our favorite spots!

This Friday evening we plan on grilling pizza and hanging out in the yard. Pictures will follow of course :)

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