Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April May Doll and Slippers

april doll april may doll I wanted to have this doll done in April, but alas, didn't happen. It's been slow going. Maybe I need a short break from Miss April May. I'm just not feeling her right now.

My Girl Scout troop and I will be going to Girl Scout camp in a few weeks. While going over what to bring for camp, my girls mentioned slippers, along with the most important COFFEE (girls after my own heart) I thought it would be cute if they all had some pink bunny slippers, like the ones I made below, to wear in their cabin. I would need to make five pair, but I think I could do it in a few weeks. Or maybe sock monkey slippers. I can't decide which.

I think I'm leaning towards pink bunnies.
bunnyslippers sockmonkey2

1 comment:

karen said...

love the bunny slippers, the details are cute and they look squishy soft. Hope your doll is done quickly :)