Saturday, August 16, 2008

Agenda for today

This is what I had on my agenda for today:
~wake up early, make breakfast
~catch up on laundry
~clean kitchen, including frig
~clean my room and bathroom
~have the boys dust
~mop and wax kitchen floor
~have boys clean their room and bathroom
~give myself a manicure and pedicure
~go out and take some pictures of boys, and different things around the neighborhood, like the Jesus statue in the cemetary.
~plan menu for the coming week
~get clothes ready for church in the morning
~gather books to take back to the library; get something new to read

This is what I've accomplished:
~woke up around 9:30am, made coffee and bagel
~checked e-mail
~filled washing machine with water, realized had no detergent
~thought about going to the store for detergent, key words - "thought about"
~surfed internet
~got lazy, laid down to watch some tv
~took a nap
~after nap, watched "Secret Lives of Women" which I had DVR'd
~watched a Lifetime movie about babies being switched at birth
~order Pizza Hut pasta, because with all the work I.DID.NOT.DO, I was too tired to cook
~sat down and felt like a complete bum for getting nothing accomplished today
~wrote this post

It is now 6:41pm, and I am still in my pj's disgusted that I've wasted a whole Saturday, doing absolutely nothing......


  1. I know how that feels.. You wake up full of things to do and end up doing one or two things on the list.. I think we all go thru that.. Don't sweat it girl! Maybe your body is telling you to relax.. Listen to your body, ok?
    Take care!

  2. That's what you get for making a list to begin with! No list, no guilt! LOL!! I do that same thing all the time!