Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm feeling a little like this flower, sort of twisted, and not sure which way I want to go. Being laid off from my previous job has me contemplating what to do now, where to go with my career or lack thereof. The job I have now is OK, but not what I want to do as my career. I've decided not to go into nursing. It was a family decision, which after much thought, I agreed. We, as a family, are use to be home together in the evening, spending our weekends together, although most weekends we are going back and forth for the boys sports, but we are always together as a family. And most certainly holidays. I really couldn't imagine not being home from Christmas. I never really thought about all I would be missing as a nurse and nursing hours, so on to something else. I have yet to obtain a degree. I've started college twice, in two different fields and cannot decide which one to finish. I originally started school to be a counselor. I'm good at talking and helping people with their issues. Maybe social work, something like that. I didn't finish and a few years later after working in Human Resources, I went back to school for a degree in business.....didn't finish. So now to decide which one to finish. I really liked HR, but think I would enjoy and be good in counseling. I need to decide quick, because I plan on being back in school come fall. So that's where I'm at...

On a totally different subject...I really like the pictures I took of this flower. I'm no photographer, but trying to get better with my pictures. I think I did pretty good with this one.

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