Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mudcats Baseball Game

Fonzy, aka Coach Veale, planned an outing for his Mets team, to see a professional baseball game. We went to see the Carolina Mudcats, a AA team, whatever that means. We had a good time, and so did the team.

Fonzy and boys before the game.

Me...the "reluctant" team mom. I have a Mets shirt, and could of matched with the team, but my Met's shirt wasn't as cute as this one.

Muddy, the catfish

The team got to go on the field for the national anthem with the Mudcats.

Elijah - looking crazy at one of the other players.

Ezekiel - all smiles.

singing of the national anthem



The Mets

One of the best parts of a baseball game - junk food! That's why I can't lose this extra 20lbs!

We had a rain delay during the game.

rolling out the tarp to protect the field

Fonzy and the boys walking under the stadium while it rained

autographs from Muddy the catfish

back to the game after the rain

Coach V and Team mom


tAnYeTTa said...

I love the photos! Sports is so much fun for the kids!!!!!!!!!

Go Team Mom :)

you know I had to give you a hard time about that :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing. Those pics came out so nice. Girl, don't worry about that weight- I have about 20 lbs. to lose too but junk food tastes so dam good..LOL

PS Is everything ok? Haven't "spoken" to you in awhile.