Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parents of the Year Award - NOT!

I guess Fonzy and I won't be getting the Parents of the Year award this year!

We got a call from Ezekiel's football coach yesterday saying he got hurt during practice. Hurt his wrist. Coach said he seemed to be ok, but was sitting on the sidelines. So I go pick up Ezekiel and he's sitting on the field with ice on his wrist, a few tears on his cheek, but seems ok. As soon as we get to the truck he starts REALLY crying saying his wrist hurt really bad. I guess he didn't want to cry on the field with all his teammates looking, but once he got in the truck, the dam broke and the tears started flowing! I told him he would be alright and proceeded to ran to the library to drop off some overdue books and the grocery store to grab a few things. The whole time Ezekiel sat in the pain.

We get home and he's still crying a little. Fonzy tells him to stop crying, it's not that bad, and even if it was broke, it still wasn't a reason to cry. According to Fonzy he broke his ankle when he was little and didn't cry. Ummm......yeah, ok.

So we gave Ezekiel some advil, wrapped his wrist with ice, an ace bandage and sent him to bed. We told him if it still hurt in the morning we'd take him to the Dr.

Well, this morning Ezekiel is still complaining his wrist hurts, so Fonzy took him to the Dr and guess what? Yep - you guessed it! His wrist is broke in two places! Not one, but two! Poor baby, he probably suffered all night. He will be getting a cast on Friday, and is out the rest of football season.

So yea....I guess we will have to try for the Parent's of the Year award NEXT year. I think we pretty much shot our chances for this year.


Isolated Existence. said...

Bendito, I hope he's not in a lot pain anymore. When he grows up he will remind you. Mami remember that day, how I was in pain and you didn't take me to the doctor until the next day? ;-) Sending get well vibes your way...

Mami Dearest said...

Oh...I'm sure he will!

Anonymous said...

I did the same to Drew when he fell out of a tree......AND Jayce Broke his jumping out of a swing before a baseball game and we MADE him play Short Stop the whole time!!!! So.....we are also thinking that we will NEVER get mom and dad of the year!! Love your blog!!!!!

Drew and Jayce's mom

New York Chica said...

OMG! This happened to my daughter too. It happened during soccer. I didn't believe that she was still in pain and guess what? The very next day when i took her to the dr, she had an x-ray and yup, her wrist was broken too! Que cosa? So don't worry Isaida, we're all not getting parent of the year awards! LOL