Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage Concert

Picnik collage Ezekiel

Last night Fonzy decided to wash his car so it could be all nice and shiny for his first day back at work. His summer break is officially OVER! I'm happy, him - not so much.

While washing his truck, I sat outside to keep him company. Help him? Nah -I'm sure he didn't want me to help. I washed his truck one time and he went right behind me and washed it again, so not doing that again. He's too picky for me! I was content to sit there and watch him, while listening to country music.

Yes....I'm still on my country music kick and apparently the boys have been listening too! So much so, that Ezekiel decided to give me a concert last night in the garage. Move over Scotty McCreery - here comes Ezekiel!

Of course, once Elijah's favorite song came on, Comeback Song by Darius Rucker he wanted in on the concert. Notice their stages? Ezekiel's is my stepper and Elijah's is Fonzy's toolbox. Microphone - a screwdriver! Hey, we had to improvise! Since listening to country music Elijah now wants to learn how to play guitar. Think we might have to look into that.

These priceless moments are what make up our life.

Picnik collage ezekiel elijah

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