Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Memory Lane


I have a container full of memories...

Memories of my childhood.

Memories of a mom who died way too young, 31.

Memories of being a young mother myself.

Memories of two little boys(Samuel & Manuel), who helped mold me into the mom I am today.

Memories of a second set of little boys(Ezekiel & Elijah), who hopefully have a better, more experienced Mom than the first two had.

Memories of a son/brother who was taken away from us all too soon....


"Mommy - is this you?"

"Hahaha - look at Daddy!"

"Mommy - is this baby me?"

"I was a fat baby!"

"Look at my hair!"

"What did you have on?"

"You and Daddy use to be skinny"

"Mommy - I miss Samuel. I wish I had more pictures of me and him together."

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