Thursday, January 22, 2015



God has blessed me to be on this earth for 44 years. Not everyone get's this chance. I know this all too well, but I'm still here and that means my work on earth is not done.

Some thoughts I'm having today:

~ I am blessed with the life I have. So many people long for what I already have. A husband who loves me, and 4 beautiful boys. Even though my oldest Samuel left this earth at 19, I still had him for those precious years, and I'm thankful.

~ I have a beautiful home. It's not a mansion, but it's MY home, filled with people I love, and a dog :) and more than I could ever ask for.

~ I had a great childhood, filled with people who loved me, and so many great memories, I often take trips down memory lane just to visit.

~ I've finally come to a point that I am happy with who I am. It's taken many years, but I'm comfortable in my skin. So many years I wanted to look like someone else, be someone else, prettier, skinnier, just not me. No longer do I wish that. I'm happy to be me, in all my imperfectness!

~ I'm a country girl at heart! I would much rather be in the country, sitting on a porch swing, sipping coffee, enjoying the simple things in life.

~ I've had more happy in my life than sad. Yes, I've had heartache, one of my worst nightmares come true, but through it all, God never left my side and neither did the people who love me. I've always had someone to lean on, to cry on, to scream, to just listen and be there. 

~  I love being a knitter and sharing my craft. I wish for this year to make many more dolls and have people love them, cherish them, pass them on through generations and remember me fondly when they hug and cuddle with them. They all have a little piece of me in the stitches.

I don't know how many more years I will be on this earth. I pray I have many more to spend with the ones I love, but if God decides to take me, even today, I've been loved, have loved, and I wouldn't ask for anything more.


Karen Poole said...

Love this!!!

Nicky said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and here's to many, many more!