Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Blues....uh......Greys

grey monday steak fajitas_2 steak fajitas_4 steak fajitas
Today was grey, dreary Monday. I guess grey and dreary are perfect words to go along with a Monday. Monday's are my least favorite day. But you know what made this Monday a tab bit better?

Steak Fajitas!

This was the steak I was raving about yesterday. The leftovers were perfect for fajitas. And the fajitas were pretty awesome also! I really should have paid better attention to the cut of steak I got and what exactly I marinated it in. If I'm not following a recipe, I'm more of sprinkle ALL the seasoning until it looks and smells just right. I used soy and Worcestershire sauce in the marinate, but as for spices, a little of this, a little of that. I have a cabinet full of spices and I like to use them all. My steak will probably never taste this good again. I feel like Donna Summer.

Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again.

Yep - I'm singing this song right now in my head! And I'll never have that recipe again! Again.........

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