Sunday, January 25, 2015


The weekend is dwindling goes by so fast!

Karen (sister) came over after church for dinner. I decided to throw some steaks on the grill since it was in the mid 50's today. I love steak, but for some reason, I can't seem to get it just the way I like it. I like it med rare, juicy and seasoned just right. Maybe it's the cut of steak I buy, but I've tried all different cuts and the result is always the same. A steak that's so so.

Today was different!

I can't remember the cut of steak I bought, but I let it marinate for a few hours, threw it on the grill and it was sooo good! I made baked sweet potatoes, HUGE sweet potatoes, and they were delish. I normally don't eat sweet potatoes, but these were so good I plan on making more!

While the sweet potatoes were baking, Karen and I took Titus walking around the neighborhood, searching for houses for sale. Karen wants to sell her townhome and buy a house near us! I pray the right house comes along and in her price range. It would be awesome to have my little sister living right around the corner. Or at least just 5 minutes away. We talked of all the meals we'd share, the exercising we would do together (we are! for real!) the gas we would save carpooling to work together. We have it all planned out. Now we just need her townhome to sell and the perfect house to become available. I'm claiming it now. It's going to happen!

Today was a good day. And the only picture I have to share of the day? The one above of brookies (brownie/cookies) we made. No picture of the perfect steak. No picture of the HUGE sweet potatoes. No pictures of our walk around the hood. Man....I was slacking today in the picture department!

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