Friday, November 13, 2009


~ Manuel and Andrea will be here on Wednesday of next week for 2wks. I can't wait. I haven't seen Manuel since Samuel's funeral and want to see how big Andrea has gotten. Of course I plan on taking tons of pictures. Manuel is use to all my picture taking, Andrea is not. I'm sure she'll get use to it.

~ Dad and Eva will be here I think on Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is the first time they've come to visit us. I can't wait because Eva is going to cook all the Spanish/Puerto Rican food I love and can't cook or mess up when I attempt to cook.....pasteles, tostones, plátanos, bacalao, etc. Of course I plan on taking pictures of all the great food and of me eating it! I might even do a Cooking with Mami and document the whole process. I haven't done that in a while.

~ For Christmas, we are heading to Texas. My great, beautiful, bestest friend, crazy mother-in-law got us the tickets. I can't thank her enough. I think she sort of knew I needed to be around family and friends. The boys are too excited about flying! Of course you know this will all be documented. I personally hate to fly, so no telling what this trip is going to be like. I tend to cry and freak out about every little thing on airplanes. This should be fun.

~ I may be giving up a kidney. My father-in-law has diabetes and is need of a kidney. Everyone in the immediate family has been tested and were not a match. I am. I still need to have tests done to make sure my kidneys are fine and if they are, then I will be giving one up. Of course, as everything else in my life, I will document that also.

So that's what upcoming in my little world. Now you know what to look forward to on my blog.

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Susan Sutton said...

HEY!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME JEALOUS OR WHAT?????? You know I love bacalao!!!!!!!! And plantanos!!!!!!.....ok well, anything Spanish/Puerto Rican....Ok, ok!!....YOU KNOW I LOVE FOOD!! Lol!! But I haven't had Bacalao in a good 10 stinkin years!!!
Can't wait for you to get here!
Love Ya!