Friday, November 20, 2009

Sledding Raleigh Style

This is probably the only time the boys will ever get to sled. Of course Manuel was the biggest kid.

Manuel sledding - he was the fourth one coming down. You can't miss him, he's the biggest one.

Elijah sledding...

Ezekiel sledding - he is on the left side.


Isolated Existence. said...

That looks like fun! Never done it myself. Was that your voice? Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world :-)

Susan Sutton said...

I did that once when I went to Michigan. And of coarse I was the ONLY one to slide right through the trees and onto the ice (pond). And yes, you know it...the ice cracked and I fell through!! Lol!! Then right after that we got the car stuck in the snow! Lol!!

Noone but me!! Suzie-Q ;-)