Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Parade

Since moving to Raleigh, we've been going to the annual Christmas parade. And every year while watching the parade, we dream of going to NYC to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. One day we will make it, but until then, here is Raleigh's parade.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 143

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 159

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 155

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 153

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 152
Betty or Wilma? Betty has always been my favorite.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 187
Santa's elves made an appearance.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 174

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 239
One of Raleigh's big floats. They had a hard time keeping him in the air.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 238

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 240

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 148

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 245

After the first hour or so, the boys were complaining of the cold. We didn't make it to see Santa at the end. We didn't make it last year either.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 217

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 118

Manuel & Andrea
Manuel and Andrea were across the street from us.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 126

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 121

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 142

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 137

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Susan Sutton ;-) said...

Aww! I want to see a parade like that one!! If yall wanted to see Santa, all yall had to do was come to Abilene! You could see him at the end of the parade twice in 20 minutes!! Lol!! Blink and it's over, ya missed it!!

See him going down Pine and then walk over to N. 1st and see him going back to where he came from!! Haha! Cant beat that!