Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bond Reduction Hearing

I just found out that the guy who shot Samuel is going to court tomorrow asking for his bond to be reduced. Right now I'm furious. This guy has taken my son's life and he wants a get out of jail free card while Samuel is lying cold in the ground. I'm furious that his bond was so low to begin with...only $75,000! There have been other people in jail for less than murder and their bond is higher! Why is that!?! Why is my son's life worth so little! I was told by the DA that family is allowed in the courtroom, but unfortunately I am here in NC. I hate that I can't be there, to look that punk in the face! Let him see my rage, my pain! How dare he ask to be free! I don't want them to think we didn't love Samuel that his life didn't mean anything! I want so much to be in that courtroom! It's tearing me up right now! I just want to scream at the top of my lungs, hit something with all my power, all my pain, all my rage! He took something precious away from me and now he wants to be free! How dare he!!!!!!!!

This is what he took from me! From us!



samuel and ma


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Medina said...

he looks a little like my youngest. be strong when u can, scream when you must and call me if you need to. i am on skype (guajataka) if you want to call free