Wednesday, March 19, 2008


For our first year anniversary, Fonzy got me a diamond tennis bracelet. It is gorgeous! I've worn it everyday since he got it. Well, almost everyday. I remember wearing my bracelet to church on Sunday, but can't remember if I had it on Monday when I went to work. I went to put it on yesterday and could not find it!!!!!! I tore my room apart...dumped all my clothes out of my dresser, thinking maybe it had fallen in there. Checked Fonzy's dresser, stripped my bed, checked under the bed, the dirty clothes hamper, under couches, chairs...EVERYWHERE! It was no where to be found! I am just sick about my bracelet....SICK! I know it is just a possession, and people have lost everything in fires, storms, etc., but that bracelet meant a lot to me. I'm praying it will pop up somewhere. Maybe I somehow overlooked it. My wrist just seems so bare without it.


Kathleen said...

thank you for stopping by my blog! it is always nice to "meet" new people! : )

i am sorry to hear about your bracelet. it really does make one sick to lose something so sentimental.
i lost a string of pearls that my mother had given me (they had been given to her by a special someone years ago). then, 3 years later, i found them!

so. hopefully it won't take that long to find your bracelet...but i hope it turns up.

all the best to you - k

Mami Dearest said...

Hi Kathleen, I loved your blog, read all of last night. So have you decided if you are to teach again or stay home with your own shortie?

I hope I find my bracelet too. Thanks for the hope!