Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Mommy Memories

Ida's Kitchen hat
Hello knitting and crafting peeps! It's that time again - time to show off what your working on.

My slouch hat has been put on hiatus right now. Well, the original slouch hat that is, but I started another. This one caught my eye because of the name - Ida's Kitchen, which happens to be my mom's name. My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 12 or 13. I made a stuffed horse, gave it to a baby I babysat and never knit again. My Mom passed away from cancer when I was 15, she was 31. The picture below was taken the summer before she died.

Whenever I knit, I think about my mom and feel a special connection to her. She loved knitting and I'm so glad I found it again. I often wish she were still here so we could knit together. I can picture us drinking coffee, chatting and knitting away. I miss her....

Ida's Kitchen is a stripped slouch hat. I hate weaving in ends, so using chroma, in lollipop instead. I love the bright colors of chroma and can't wait to finish the hat.

My other WIP is the babydoll. I think this is taking me so long because of the boring yarn. I think the doll is too cute all done, but getting to the cute is rough! I like bright, pretty colors and this definitely is not bright. I plan on making her dress bright though!


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pinkundine said...

Sorry about your mom, but it is so nice that knitting can make you feel close to her.

My nanny was a prolific knitter, but she died when I was young so I never really knew her. My om always comments on how much nanny would have loved seeing me knit.

I love the colours of your yarn, so wonderfully bright!

snugglebunnie said...

Wow that is a work in progress. I love the lollipop color:) So sorry about your mom and so glad you did pick up knitting again I know she is very proud of you:) Keep it up hon:)

Lisa-24-7 said...

I like that hat pattern a lot, and what a genius idea to use a self striping yarn to avoid weaving in ends. Sorry to hear about your mom, even though it was so long ago, I always get emotional when I hear cancer stories and the lives its taken.


Kim Sonksen said...

I am so sorry about your Mom. What a great way to somehow connect with her when you knit. That hat is going to be awesome. LOVE that colour combo and I am like in that I hate weaving in ends :)

Nicky said...

It's wonderful that your mom was able to pass on her knitting legacy to you. Cheers to you as you continue knitting in her footsteps.

Can I say how much I hate weaving ends in too? I definitely have to develop some patience and just do that part of projects well.

Charis's Mum said...

I LOVE the yarns colorway. They're SO bright and gorgeous.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I took up knitting again when my Mom became sick. She and I used to knit companionably together when she was too ill to walk around or go out. Your Ida's kitchen hat is sure to be gorgeous and loaded with good feelings!

Angela said...

I understand how you miss your mom. I miss my grandma who used to embroider and I do wish we could sit and do that together.
Beautiful knitting . . . .

JNCL said...

I have similar memories attached to crochet, which my mom taught me when I was thirteen. She died of lupus complications last year. I couldn't crochet at all for a whole year, but I finally found my crochet hook in my hand a few weeks ago and was suddenly feeling so much more at peace. I'm glad knitting is a positive memory for you. And that lolipop yarn is just AWESOME!
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