Monday, January 30, 2012

I Make Kool-Aid For My Family

I make koolaid for my family...
I don't like Kool-aid. Can't stand the stuff, but my boys like it. While making this batch today, I couldn't help but sing the Kool-aid song.

"I make kool-aid for my family...I make pitcher after pitcher...."

Can't help but get that song stuck in your head!

Kool-aid has a new flavor Peach Mango - Elijah liked it. All I can say is it smelled good...I'm sure it was nasty like all the other flavors though.


Anonymous said...

lol..looks yummy..I wonder how would it taste as a frozen drink would be awesome...I love your cups..

amanda_cake said...

I love KoolAid, even now as an adult... guess I'm one of those kids who hasn't grown out of it yet!

veronica said...

girl we drink koolaid all the time!you better get with it! lol