Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Jan 3

Baby, it's cold outside!

Today was our first day back to work/school and it was the coldest day of the season! 25 degrees with wind chill feels like 17! Didn't want to get out of bed and in that cold, but vacation is over! Back to reality!

So I've decided I want to learn how to crochet. Another skill to add to my craftiness. I've never thought of myself as a creative person, but since learning to knit again, I've gotten all kinds of crafty ideas. Maybe I've been creative all along and was just suppressing it. Who knows. I'm just glad I have it now. I've found a great community amongst all you knitting, creative people. And I kinda like it.

"Knitting yarn binds more than stitches...it binds people"

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Nicky said...

I find the crafty outlet so meditative and very addictive. We will learn crochet together!!!