Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knitting ADD


I think I have knitting ADD right now.

I started my second slouchy hat, but have decided this yarn is not going to work. The pattern calls for chunky weight yarn, but I think my yarn is too chunky. So now I need to find another chunky yarn in hot pink.

Now that the hat is on hold, I can't decide what to start next. Last night I went though my knitting books, pattern binders, browsed ravelry and nothing is saying knit me. I have a list of things I want to knit, and some requests, but nothings grabbing me there either. Maybe I will just go back to my tried and true favorites  - monsters! Or maybe I will just go eeny - meeny - miney - moe and whatever I land on, I knit.

Do you ever have Knitting ADD, where nothing is holding your attention? What do you do! I can't NOT KNIT.


snugglebunnie said...

I love how you come up with words for your knitting lol. Knitting ADD you crack me up hahahha. I believe I don't have that problem. I think right now i want to do everything but don't know what im doing LOL..hmm i wonder if there is name for that one lol.

Michelle said...

Too chunky? Oh, NO! How about bigger needles? You might be able to make it the same as you did on your first attempt, but it would come out bigger due to the needle size. Two birds, one stone. :-D