Friday, January 27, 2012

It's the Weekend Baby!

rushing out of the office - it's Friday!

I'm SO glad it's the weekend!

My day didn't start out so great, was up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep, got soaked in the rain and ended up being late for work! 3pm couldn't come fast enough.

Dinner tonight was a fish fry, fries and sweet ice tea. And you can't have fish without Franks RedHot! Makes the fish so good!

Tonight is movie night. I got Paranormal Activity 3. I LOVE scary movies - hope it's good.

Not much else planned this weekend. Just hanging out at home. Of course I will be knitting. Working on lil' Miss Carmen's babydoll. Hopefully I can get most of it done.

365 - movie night


Anonymous said...

wow you sure know how to make someone hungry..Enjoy your movie hun:) is that ice tea?

Nicky said...

You deserve a great weekend!!!! Have a blast, whatever you do.

kristieinbc said...

Have a great weekend! I admire people who can watch scary movies. i totally lack the courage.

Carla said...

Have a fantastic weekend!! My sister likes scary movies, how was it?

Michelle said...

I used to be able to watch scary movies...not so much anymore. Hope you had a great weekend!!