Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When I'm not knitting

If you've been a long time reader of my blog you've probably noticed its being taken over by knitting, yarn and all things crafty. I kinda just noticed that myself. When did my blog turn into a knitting blog?

I have been knitting alot lately, but believe me, it's not all I do. I still have a husband and 2 boys who are in the midst of basketball season. One of the busiest times of year for us. It seems every evening I am at someones game or practice. Which sometimes is good knitting time! I know, I know! Enough with the knitting already! This post was about basketball! Moving on.....

Hubby is still head coach at the school he teaches at, Elijah is playing on 2 basketball teams, and Ezekiel is manager for his Dad's team and also playing on his own team! Our weekdays are long and busy, but we love this time of year.

We especially love going to Hubby's games! The boys and I try to make it to at least all the home games and any big rival games.

I love to see Fonzy coaching. He is truly in his element when he coaches. He gets so excited and into the game. His games are actually the only time I don't bring knitting with me.


Tomorrow is a big rival game. The team they are going against is undeafed. We hope to give them their first defeat in their house!

Can't wait - Go Wolves!

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kristieinbc said...

I envy you your time watching your boys play basketball. I used to love soccer season when my kids were young. It was also a great opportunity for knitting! It must be pretty wild watching your husband's games if you have to leave your knitting behind!