Wednesday, January 4, 2012



I don't know what it is with fourth grade this year, but WE and yes I mean WE (Elijah and I) have had a ton of projects to do. Projects meaning reports, inventions, crafts and things of the sorts. I don't recall Ezekiel having to do all these projects and I won't even dare try to remember when Samuel and Manuel were in the 4th grade.

Luckily Elijah is a smart and crafty kid. He is always inventing something or working on a project, that's not even school related. There's always tons of tape, paper, cardboard, crayons, markers, and glue involved. You name it, I'm sure he's used it.

Tonight he had to put the finishing touches on his invention. A basketball goal that has magnets around the rim and a ball with magnets in it, so you no longer miss your shots. He's currently playing on 2 basketball teams, so I'm sure that's where his inventions comes in.

Next week he has a music paper due. All about his favorite singer. He picked Darius Rucker. We've been on Country Music kick lately. He even got an acoustic guitar for Christmas. Once basketball season is over, we are going to look into guitar lessons for him. Who knows, maybe he will be the next country music star!


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autumngeisha said...

He is a cutie! Math homework I can do without, but I always get excited when my little guy has an art or social studies project. It is so fun to relive our childhoods through our kids.