Monday, January 18, 2010

All The Pretty Horses

Saturday Elijah and I went to ride horses. I love to ride and figured since my brother Jay and SIL Vicki have horses we needed to take advantage of it. The bitter cold we've had for the past 2-3 weeks gave way to 60 degree weather! Perfect for horseback riding.

Elijah This was Elijah's first time riding by himself. Vicki walked Cody around the corral for a bit, then let him go. Elijah did good, even when Cody decided to gallop. Elijah held on and just laughed. I, on the other hand about died. All I could see was him falling off! Thank God he didn't.

After Elijah rode, we rode together. I got Cody to gallop and Elijah and I couldn't stop laughing as we bounced up and down.

Me and Elijah

Vodka, Jay's horse, was always searching for snacks. Elijah was showing Vodka he didn't have any snacks, so I gave him one, and almost gave him my finger!


Jay and Vodka Jay and Vodka

Vicky and Cody Vicki and Cody

Elijah Elijah leading Vodka to his corral.

Horseback riding

Jay and Elijah

Me and Vodka

It was fun spending some quality time with Elijah. Time filled with smiles and giggles instead of yelling and frowns.

Elijah can't wait to do it again, and honestly, neither can I. We need more memories like this.


dyanna said...

Your blog is very interesting.I like it.
Have a wonderful day.

Ms. Latina said...

That looks like so much fun! Elijah looks so happy and so did you - so glad =)

Hmmm now you make me wonder if I should give it a shot with my two citified (Is that a word LOL) kids!