Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today there was another bail reduction hearing for one of the guys involved in Samuel’s murder. The shooter had a hearing a few months ago, and was denied, so I was praying for the same. I got the call during lunch from Andrea that the reduction was denied! I wish I could be there at the hearings to look these punks in the eye, to have them look me in the eye, to see the pain they’ve caused, but unfortunately I’m here in NC. I wished they had this hearing while I was in Texas. I asked Andrea all the details of what was said and done and now kind of wish I hadn’t. I guess they guy’s mom was there and according to her, her son was trying to help Samuel when he was shot, but once the DA asked him some questions, it was obvious he was lying. I’ve heard different variations of what really happened the night Samuel was killed, and what was said today was something different. From what I was initially told, Samuel was helping a 16yr old girl who was getting beat up in a parking lot. While helping her, these guys came up to him and they had words. This is where the story has changed. After words were exchanged, the guys went to their vehicle and got a gun. They hit Samuel, knocked him out and shot him in the back. Today, it was told that after words were exchanged, the guys knocked Samuel out, left him there on the ground, went up to an apartment, got the gun and shot him. WHY SHOOT HIM!!!!! He was already knocked out. The guy in the hearing today was trying to say he was helping Samuel, but he went up to the apartment with the shooter to GET THE GUN! He had several probation violations and was still out to help kill my son! This system is so screwed! All I can see is Samuel lying on the ground in the parking lot. There were 20-30 people around and no one did a thing! What is wrong with people? I just don’t understand!!!!!!!

A trial date for the shooter has been set for April, and the other 2 guys are set for May, but I am told it will probably be pushed back. I will be there for the trial, to look these punks in the face and let them know all the pain they have caused, the precious life they took. They probably won’t care since they obviously didn’t care when they shot him in his back, but at least I will finally have my say….for Samuel.


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SAJ said...

I saw your comment and wandered over to see who you are... I had no idea that somebody being so sweet on my blog was dealing with something so heavy. I am humbled and honored by your presence. I will be praying for you. If you can keep on living a beautiful life then I seriously can get over some people hating me because I put my old sick cat down. Thank you.