Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Recap - some of my favorites

I know...the holidays have been over for about 3 days now, but I'm just getting around to posting pics from our Texas/Holidays trip. These are just a few of my favorites.

isaida 008 At the airport waiting for our first flight.

isaida 009

Me and Elijah Elijah and I before the plane took off. Do I look a little nervous???? I hate flying!

isaida 011 Ezekiel and Fonzy

isaida 020
Up, up and away we go!

isaida 021

isaida 035
On one of our flights, when we landed the captain announced we had a fallen Marine with us. We all remained seated as his fellow Marine got off the plane to take him to his family.

isaida 037

isaida 043 Once in Dallas we headed to Becky's house for an authenic Mexican dinner. Fonzy and Tommy were comparing their bellies and Melinda got caught in the middle of it.

isaida 055 The next day we headed to the cemetery in Abilene to leave flowers for Samuel.


isaida 070 One of Fonzy's favorite spots - Rosa's Cafe

isaida 071 On the long drive from Abilene to Odessa. This is not snow - it's a cotton field.

isaida 087 Me - taking pictures along this long stretch of highway!

isaida 107 Windmills

Texas Christmas 09 035 Finally at Fonzy's mom's house.

Texas Christmas 09 074 Mina baking cookies with the kids.

Texas Christmas 09 002
Elodia and Mari - all he wanted was Grandma or Daddy.

Texas Christmas 09 075
O' Christmas Tree

Texas Christmas 09 080 Marcel, Ezekiel and Zay

Mari Mari, with his cute self. Well..cute when he wasn't crying or hollering!

Babe and Skeeter Can't forget Babe and Skeeter in their suits.

Texas Christmas 09 060 The boys knocked out...

Fonzy and Amari Fonzy trying to get Mari asleep.

me and fonzy Fonzy and I

Texas Christmas 09 298 Alan (Fonzy's dad), Marcel (Fonzy's younger brother), and Mari (Marcel's baby)

Texas Christmas 09 238 Amina and her boys, Zay and Dion

Texas Christmas 09 307 Elodia (Fonzy's mom) and the boys. Mari was done!

Texas Christmas 09 304
Fonzy, Ezekiel, Alan Marcel and Elijah

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