Thursday, January 28, 2010

The boys

So last Friday was my birthday and normally we go out to dinner. I was a little upset that Fonzy decided to have basketball practice and my birthday dinner was going to be later than I like. I wanted him to cancel practice and be home early to celebrate. I know.....I'm such a baby. I admit it. You don't have to tell me.

Anyways....I pick up the boys from school and decide to go to the library to get some books we had on hold, and also to waste some time until dinner. When we get to the library, I go through the spiel of how to act in the library. No loud talking...whisper. No running around. No acting crazy. Just act like you have some sense and home training. Easy....right. We've been to the library hundreds of times. They KNOW how to act. So into the library we go.

We head to the section where our books are on hold. As I'm getting the books, Elijah asks to go check out the kids section...rather loudly I might add. Rule number one broken. I told him he could, but before I could finish telling him to be quiet, he was off and RUNNING! Rule number 2 broken. I didn't want to yell for him to walk, and be quiet because then I would be breaking the rules. Ezekiel follows after Elijah. I turn to finish getting my books off the shelf when I hear a kid hollering/screaming! Of course that kid would be Elijah! I snatch the books off the shelf and head to the kids section. I find the boys talking very loudly. Elijah said he screamed because Ezekiel came up behind him and scared him. Of course he is still not whispering and people in the library are starting to stare at us. I go to grab Elijah to tell him to be quiet and he falls out on the floor! I could have strangled him! So there I am threatening to beat the living daylights out of him, but trying to do it quietly so no one can hear me. I grab his arm and tell them to come on. We were leaving! Of course both Ezekiel and Elijah are protesting loudly that they do not want to leave. I give them the know the look....saying wait until we get home. They follow me to check out the books we have and out the door we go. We lasted all of 5 minutes in the library!

On the drive home.....
"I swear I can't take you anywhere! You go into the library and act like you have never been there! This is exactly why I don't take you anywhere with me! You can't act right for five freakin' minutes. Did you see any other kids acting a fool, rolling around on the ground. NO! Don't ask me to take you anywhere else! I'm done. When we get home, go to your room, because I don't want to see either of you.

I'm sure it was worse than that, but it's been almost a week and my memory's not that great. Suffice it to say, I was not in a good mood and neither were the boys. We get home and they go to their room. About an hour passes when Elijah comes into the livingroom, and hands me the note below.

Boys Notes
He turns it over and this is what is says. He wants to go Karen's - my sister's house. He hands me a pen, all without talking to me and wants me to circle one of the answers. Of course I answer no.

Boys Notes
So off he goes and I hear him and Ezekiel whispering. A few minutes later Elijah comes back with another note.

Boys Notes
See the arrow to turn the card over....

Boys Notes
I had to try my hardest not to laugh. They are such a mess.

Of course they went to dinner with 8PM! Almost bedtime, but I'm not complaining....really I'm not.

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New York Chica said...

OMG!! That was such a great read and laugh. Kids are all the same, I tell ya. My kids are 13, 10 & 4 and sometimes I can't go anywhere with them either. The 13 year old is sometimes the WORSE one..believe it or not. He gets the 4 year old all crazy then blames her for acting like a fool. =)