Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caramel Apples

Caramel apples

HaPpY Saturday Everyone!

Today is a cold, rainy Saturday, but making these caramel apples cheered me up. Pumpkin spice coffee helped too!

This evening is our Fall Festival at the church and I had to do a test with the caramel apples, because the first time I attempted to make caramel apples they were a flop and I was so disappointed. Prayerfully Pink, a group at our church to support breast cancer awareness had a bake sale a few weekends ago, and I came up with selling caramel apples. I had pictured cute caramel apples with pink and white ribbon sprinkles tied with Breast Cancer awareness ribbon. It was so cute in my head! Not so cute when I went to make them. I made the mistake of buying one of those caramel kits. The caramel did not stick AT. ALL. Total flop!

So we decided to try it again for the Fall Festival, this time with Kraft caramel chews, melted down and here's the result. So much better! The only tricky part is getting your sprinkles, nuts, candy, whatever you are going to decorate with on it super quick! If not, they won't stick.

I think my candy apple turned out pretty cute and Ezekiel just confirmed it. He said it looked professional! Yay me!

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