Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Men Against the Boys

So a few weeks ago Fonzy and the Wendell Wolves won the conference title in basketball. And with the title comes a trophy. Not the best looking trophy....actually quite ugly, but hey...they are champions! Who cares what the trophy looks like, right?

Champions After the award ceremony, it was time for the big game! The boys basketball team against the coaches/staff at the school....the men against the boys. There was a lot of smack talk from both sides, a lot of groaning and heavy breathing from the men, but the men dominated! You wouldn't know it from my pics, but the men showed them young boys how to do it!

Fonzy was in the double digits with points and I didn't get one shot of him making a basket! What a terrible wife I am!

wendell 148

wendell 131

wendell 157

wendell 161
Final score 56 - 42

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