Monday, March 29, 2010

Amish Grace - forgiveness


I watched the movie Amish Grace last night, the story of the 5 Amish school girls shot and killed in Nickel Mines, PA. I knew watching the movie would be hard, because I would be thinking about Samuel, but I also knew the story dealt with forgiveness, so I wanted to watch. After the shooting, the Amish were able to forgive the gunman, Charles Roberts. How hard was that to forgive the man who had just shot and killed five little girls, their daughters? To most everyone it was unfathomable. I wondered while watching if forgiveness would have been as easy had the gunman been alive. If they had to see this man, face to face and endure a trial. To know he was still alive and breathing, while their daughters were not. I don't know. Maybe they still would have offered forgiveness.

Jesus said we should forgive -
Matthew 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

I haven’t gotten to the point of forgiveness. I pray that God will give me the heart of forgiveness. I can’t expect to be forgiven my sins if I can’t forgive the men who killed Samuel, right? That's what the verse says, but I think about Samuel, laying cold in the ground and my heart aches and forgiveness is the furthest thing from my mind.


Mlvlatina said...

Words escape me. I will pray for justice and comfort for you and tu familia. God Bless.

Beautifulone71 said...

I know that must have been very hard to watch. If not actual events, it happens far too often in Anytown, USA. I cant imagine what it is like to lose a child that way. God's way isnt always the easiest way or everyone would follow his path, but its the only way to ensure eternal life. I pray not only for you and the family but for the family of those young men who harmed Samuel. One man could have pulled the trigger but it is a sin they will all have to take on in some way.God bless you Isaida. My heart truly aches for you.