Saturday, March 27, 2010


isaida 225 ezekiel and elijah

This time is so fleeting! Ezekiel and Elijah, running, playing, being each other's best friend, sharing a bedroom, having whispered conversations, telling each other their secrets before they go to sleep.

Next year Ezekiel will be in middle school leaving Elijah in elementary by himself for the first time. They won't see each other in the halls, in the cafeteria, or on the playground. I wonder how their relationship will be as they get older. Will they still share their secrets and be best friends?

samuel and manuel

I think about Samuel and Manuel, how they were each other's best friends growing up. Sharing a room, playing, telling each other their secrets, just like Ezekiel and Elijah. But now Manuel is alone, without his older brother, his best friend, his secret keeper.

We all miss Samuel so much, but sometimes I think Manuel misses him most, because they had the closest relationship.....a relationship only brothers can have.

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