Monday, March 29, 2010


wendell 166

Fonzy and I shelter the boys a lot and we've noticed there are simple things they can't do. We sent Ezekiel in the store a few weeks ago to get the Sunday paper. We were specific to which paper to grab, where it was located, and about how much it should cost. We watched from the window as he looked around clueless. I finally had to run into the store to help him out.

Fast forward to last week - I needed some gravy for dinner since the homemade gravy I was planning to make didn't work out. I wasn't dressed to go into the store so decided I would send Ezekiel in. I specified where the gravy would be, which kind to get, even the color of the package. Ezekiel said he was fine, he could do it, and said that he did not want me to come in the store to help, no matter what. So I sat in the truck and watched him as he went from one end of the store to the other. He finally found the right aisle, got the gravy and went to cash out. He saw me watching him and held up the gravy with a big grin on his face to show me he'd found it. That is when I snapped the picture!

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